Professional Anti-Microbial Spray Coating

The interior of your vehicle may have up to 700+ different types of bacteria that may be harmful to your health! Most individuals clean their homes weekly, yet only 30% of vehicle owners clean their vehicle one time per year. (Source: CarRentals) Even when cleaned once a year, most people simply clean their interior of their vehicle, then vacuum it and clean out the trash sitting inside.  Some may use a spray to wipe down the surfaces, but most times this spray is just a dressing to enhance the look of the surface. This way of cleaning may seem thorough to most; however, this method leaves most of the harmful germs behind.

How To Properly Clean Your Vehicles Interior

If you want to properly clean your vehicle you need an alcohol/solvent based cleaner to really kill the harmful bacteria and viruses. Steam above 225 degrees is also needed to kill bacteria, and many professional steamers reach 300+ degrees. “Steam cleaning is an often overlooked but proven way to sanitize and disinfect surfaces from viruses like the coronavirus COVID-19. In fact, the Center of Disease Control recommend steam as the preferred method for sterilizing critical medical and surgical instruments that are not damaged by heat.”  (Source: Steam Cleaner Pro). The use of Photocatalytic Coatings can use modern technology to continue to destroy bacteria for months and months as well. These coatings react with UV light and are perfect for your vehicle as it sees UV light often. The product Ceramic Pro TAG is a progressive purification system based on photocatalytic effect designed to kill pathogens such as bacteria, microbes and viruses, which are a common cause of diseases, foul odors and mold.

Why Ceramic Pro TAG & How Does it Work?

Well, modern microbes demand modern disinfecting solutions and this is the best professional solution offered by our certified installer network! Ceramic Pro TAG is a professional anti-microbial spray coating that is completely safe and non-toxic! TAG has been designed to purify surfaces from bad smells, disease causing pathogens, and others issues caused by microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Its action is based on the photocatalytic effect and lasts up to 6 months! Applied on water absorbing surfaces and exposed to a source of UV rays such as sunlight Ceramic Pro TAG decomposes 99.9% of pathogens present in the area. Common sterilizing products can kill the majority of bacteria and microbes, however, right after sterilization the pathogens resume reproduction and soon enough their number is back to where it was and continues to grow. The purifying effect of Ceramic Pro TAG on the other hand is long-lasting and will keep working for up to 6 months.

Introducing Ceramic Pro TAG

Data & Test Results:

Ceramic Pro TAG has been exposed to SGS testing. SGS is the world’s largest and leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company trusted by millions. The Test Result Documents below & more information regarding Ceramic Pro TAG specifically can be found at by clicking here.

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How Do I Get Ceramic Pro Tag for My Vehicle?

Ceramic Pro products are professional grade only and must be installed by a Certified Installer within our network, therefore you cannot purchase this product as a consumer. That being said, Ceramic Pro has 3,000 + trained installers throughout North America. Luckily, Ceramic Pro has a network of the most elite professional installers that can service your vehicle with Ceramic Pro Tag and other ceramic coating products in North America. Looking for a free quote for your vehicle from a local ceritifed installer? Just click the button below and you will be contacted by your local certified installer!


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