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Ceramic Pro Fairfied in North Bay Suisun City California has the auto detailing services you and your car crave. As a Ceramic Pro Auto Spa, Ceramic Pro Fairfield offers the full line of Ceramic Pro and KAVACA products. This means that you can get a full service for the exterior and interior of your vehicle, all at the same location. This shop focuses greatly on prep just as much as the actual installation of coatings and PPF. This is is one of the main keys of proper paint protection installation. Top it all off with KAVACA window tint for an ultimate inside and out package. Get a free quote today.

Ceramic Pro is the global leader in surface protection and automotive films. The brand offers nano-ceramic coating formulas for all types of surfaces. Furthermore, our KAVACA paint protection film is the most advanced self-healing paint protection film in the world. The combination of Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA PPF represents the most effective surface protection for cars. Top top it all off, KAVACA Window Film allows you to achieve the styling you are looking for with the added benefits of advanced IR heat and UV ray filtration.

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Ceramic Pro – Ceramic Coatings Fairfield

Ceramic Pro is the world’s leading ceramic coating. Ceramic Pro coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. This means that keeping your car looking like new for years is now not only possible, but easy to do. There is no better solution to protect surfaces such as paint, vinyl, plastic, rubber and many others.

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KAVACA Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film Fairfield, Suisun City, CA

Ceramic Pro offers an advanced instant-healing clear bra paint protection film. The product is KAVACA PPF. This paint protection film offers high end protection and defense against road salt, insect acids, tree sap, rock chips, scratches, swirling, marring, oxidation, premature aging and more. KAVACA is so technologically advanced that it does not need any heat to self-heal. Furthermore, KAVACA comes pre-coated with Ceramic Pro. You can even have additional layers of Ceramic Pro added after installation. The combination of Ceramic Pro + KAVACA makes for unparalleled protection and the slickest surface available today. There is simply no better way to preserve perfect paint.

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KAVACA Window Tint Fairfield

Ceramic Pro offers the most advanced window films available today in the form of KAVACA Window Tint Films. We offer KAVACA Ceramic IR for the car owner looking for the ultimate in heat and UV filtration in even the lightest of tint shades. For those looking for the best balance between performance, longevity and good looks, we offer KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window film. Whichever you choose, KAVACA is at the forefront of modern window film technology.

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Suisun City California is in Solano County, up in North Bay. It’s actually considered a small city based on the population of under 30k people back when it was last counted in 2010. Suisun City was one of those unique towns that started during the Gold Rush era. It was founded in the 1850s. The railroad systems finally connected the city  in 1869. One hundred years later, during the 60s and 70s, the area saw very rapid growth. If you’re wondering about the name, it comes from the Suisun people, which are natives to the area.

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Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA PPF and Window Tint in Fairfield, Suisun City, CA.

Ceramic Pro offers the most complete surface protection system in the world. Our products and services are packed with the very latest in nano-technology. The performance of each coating and film speaks for itself. Are you ready to try the best surface protection system in the world?