• Low Risk: Over 100+ shops already successful with program
  • No Cost or fees
  • Standardized products and systems (both sales and installation)
  • Supervision and consulting readily available
  • National and local advertising programs
  • Sophisticated Marketing system bringing customers to your door
  • Point-of-sale advertising
  • Uniform branding & packaging
  • 1st access to R&D new products
  • Complete operations manual provided with video tutorials
  • Trainings available every 2-4 weeks around North America
  • Free sales and marketing assistance/training/programs available 24/7
  • Guaranteed High Gross Profit Business

Ceramic Pro has the brand power and marketing to bring customers to your doorstep. We o er the most thorough training program that teaches you to convert the maximum amount of leads into sales and ensures each coating job is done e eciently and e ectively. Ceramic Pro will train you how to pay each employee and how to price each job, so you always maintain a 50% gross margin on each coating install. Following our program you will grow to a $1 Million gross revenue Ceramic Pro business. How quickly you grow to this depends of you.
Ceramic Pro has 100+ current Licensed Locations. Will you be next?