Congratulations on taking the proactive step and wise decision of protecting your vehicle with Ceramic Pro’s Exclusive Ultimate Armor Package! Your vehicle is now protected from light to medium scratches, exposure to the elements, flying debris, and natural toxins – and for the lifetime of your vehicle. 

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However, it is not bulletproof and will require routine aftercare to maintain its integrity.

By following our manufacture recommended procedures, your vehicle will be eligible for warranties and your coating will hold up for many years.

Things You Must Avoid During the Two-Week Curing Process

The initial curing process for Ultimate Armor Package is 48 hours after the installation has been finished and the vehicle has been released to the customers. However, the coating and film need a few weeks to fully bond and cure to the substrate.

  • Avoid taking your vehicle through any kind of automatic car wash or brushless car wash. Always hand wash your vehicle. If you use a high-pressure hose, make sure to use the lightest spray pressure fitting.
  • Never use a pressure washer while washing your vehicle with PPF. A pressure washer can create too much pressure and life the edges of the film off of the paint. 
  • Avoid parking near near sprinklers, under trees, or under light posts. 
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Ceramic Pro Americas has partnered with Americana Global, a leading professional detailing supplies manufacturer, to develop a series of products that are formulated specifically for our line of ceramic coatings and paint protection films.

The products listed on this aftercare instruction page are the only ones recommended by Ceramic Pro Americas for routine maintenance car washes and quick detailing applications.


Ultimate Armor Do’s:

Car Washes:

Hand Wash – Using the Two Bucket Washing Technique

Touch-less Washing – such as a high-pressure hose, foam cannon, or foam gun.

Use Americana Global Detail Spray in-between maintenance car washes.

Use microfiber washing mitts, or towels to wash & a microfiber drying towel to dry. Air drying with compressed air is acceptable. We recommend following up air drying with Americana Global Detail Spray.

Wash the vehicle in shade, a garage, or covered area – early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Ultimate Armor Don’ts:

Car Washes:

Avoid automatic car wash using brushes, mitts, or other material that will touch the vehicle’s surface.

Do NOT wash any ceramic coated vehicle in direct sunlight or any vehicle surface that is warm to the touch.

Do NOT use any car soaps or shampoos with wax, petroleum distillates, or a pH under 5.0 or above 9.0.

Do NOT use any wax or paint sealant after washing the vehicle.

Ceramic Pro does NOT recommend using any Ceramic Boost Sprays except Ceramic Pro CARE or Americana Global Detail Spray.

Do NOT use abrasive towels or microfiber towels to wipe off debris on a dry surface.

Washing Your Vehicle at Home

Car Washing Schedule

To properly maintain your Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package, it is important that you keep it clean and free from contamination. We recommend washing your vehicle every two weeks – especially if you live in dusty climates or those with excessive pollen. If you notice any kind of bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatters or water spotting on your vehicle’s exterior surfaces – on either the PPF or ceramic coated sections – clean it off as soon as possible using Americana Global Detail Spray or Rinseless Wash.

Ceramic Pro recommends washing your Ultimate Armor protected vehicle on a bi-weekly basis. There are two methods we recommend: The Rinseless Wash and the Two-Bucket Method.

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Washing Methods

Standard Car Washing at Home

The best way to maintain the hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating is to use the recommended supplies and techniques. Ceramic Pro partnered with Americana Global to develop Vinyl & PPF Soap, specifically formulated for our unique coating and paint protection film technology.

For hand washing, we recommend the two-bucket hand washing technique as follows:

Step 1: Collect Supplies including (3) 3 to 5-gallon buckets, Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Soap, Fresh water hose (or high-pressure hose with foam cannon), (2) microfiber wash mitts or wash media – use one for the wheels and one for the car’s paint.

Step 2: Pre-Rinse: Start by spraying the entire vehicle with fresh water. Spray off with a standard spray nozzle, as high-pressure water can damage the PPF. This will remove any large contaminants and debris from the surface.

Step 3: Wash Wheels and Tires First. Using (1) dedicated wash mitt and bucket, rinse all brake dust and debris off each wheel first. Then, add 2oz of Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Soap to the wash bucket and add 3-gallons of water.

Wash the wheels and tires, then rinse with fresh water. Once all four tires and wheels are washed, pre-rinse the vehicle again with fresh water, as brake dust may be stuck to the vehicle surface. Do NOT dry until completed with car washing.

*Do NOT reuse the same wash mitt or wash bucket used for washing wheels – as brake dust will be embedded in each and will likely scratch your coated surfaces on the vehicle’s paint. Use separate buckets and wash media.

Step 4: Fill (2) wash buckets. Add the grit guard (optional but recommended) to one bucket and fill with 3 gallons of fresh water (no soap). Add 2oz of Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Soap to the other bucket, then agitate by adding 3-gallons of high-pressure water. Make sure plenty of suds are produced.

Step 5: Wash one section at a time. For optimal results, begin by washing one panel or vehicle section at a time. Dip your wash mitt or microfiber rag in the soapy water, and wash the vehicle from top to bottom, left to right. Rinse off each section with fresh water as you complete the section to avoid cross contamination.

Step 6: Dry the vehicle. Ceramic Pro recommends drying your vehicle with a dedicated microfiber terry weave drying towel or high-pressure air – followed by a plush microfiber towel. Make sure to dry the vehicle as soon as you are done washing the vehicle.

Step 7: Post Wash Detail Spray. After the vehicle is dry, apply a fine mist of Americana Global Detail Spray. Use a microfiber towel and wipe off the detail spray with the high pile side of the towel, the flip over the towel to the flat side and wipe off any excess detail spray with a buffing motion.

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Other Vehicle Maintenance Washing Options

Ceramic Pro understands that not everyone is comfortable washing their vehicles by hand or can at their home. If you are in this situation, we strongly recommend hiring a mobile detailer or your authorized Ceramic Pro Coating installer to complete maintenance washes at least once per month.

Other recommended maintenance car wash options include:

Non-Touch Car Wash

If you have a non-touch automated car washing facility located near you, you may use these facilities to wash your vehicle. However, we strongly recommend purchasing a dedicated large drying towel, to ensure your vehicle is completely dry prior to leaving the facility – as failure to do so may result in water spotting on the coated surface.

For self-operated facilities – begin by pre-rinsing the vehicle with water (no soap). Once all debris is removed, select the high-pressure soap, and apply to the entire vehicle. Let the soap dwell for a few minutes. DO NOT use any brushes provided at the location as this WILL scratch the coating and void any warranty.

Rinse car off with the high-pressure rinse. If available, select the spot-free low pressure water option to complete a final rinse. DO NOT select any ‘wax’ treatments. Dry with clean microfiber towels prior to leaving the facility.

High-Pressure / Foam Cannon

A great way to wash your Ceramic Pro coated vehicle every few weeks is by using a high-pressure washer, with a medium-grade pressure nozzle and foam cannon attachment. Americana Global manufactures two outstanding products that work well in foam cannon applications – Ceramic Aftercare Soap and Vinyl & PPF Soap.

When using a 32oz foam cannon container, add 28oz of warm water to the foam cannon container first. Then, add 4oz of Americana Global SOAP. Shake well prior to attaching to the high-pressure washer.

Ceramic Pro recommends rinsing all debris off the vehicle with fresh water first, then apply the foam cannon soap to the entire vehicle. Let the soap dwell in a shaded non-warm to the touch area for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse completely with fresh water, then dry.

If you prefer to use this washing method, we strongly recommend a traditional two-bucket hand wash every two months – as this will remove contaminants that may have bonded to the coating.

Drying Aid

Ceramic Pro Care is a great drying aid. Using Ceramic Pro Care and one damp microfiber to first dry the vehicle followed by using second microfiber to finish drying the vehicle. This process will give you the best results. Ceramic Pro Care MUST be applied when the vehicle is wet or on a wet microfiber towel. Do NOT apply Ceramic Pro Care on a dry surface.

Always dry completely and never leave to “naturally air” dry. Tap water contains minerals that may leave deposits creating water spots. Only use quality microfiber towels for best results and avoid aggressive wiping, allowing the material to absorb the water.

Spot Removal of Debris

If your vehicle gets dirty, or natural toxins like bird droppings, tree sap, or bug splatters – or if you simply want to detail your vehicle in-between maintenance car washes, use Americana Global Detail Spray to spot clean the area with a clean microfiber towel.

  • Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove surface contamination.
  • Never use excessive force to remove spots.
  • Bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. should be removed as soon as possible to avoid temporary staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining left behind from bird droppings will break down over a few days without affecting the coating.
  • For water spots, start by washing the vehicle as recommended. If water spots are still visible, start by using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar with distilled water (do not use tap water) in a spray bottle. Spray the mixed solution directly on the surface. Let it dwell for 30 seconds, then wipe clean and dry with a plush microfiber towel.

If water spots are still visible, please consult with your Ceramic Pro authorized installer.

*Please continually check on – as Americana Global will be releasing a Ceramic Coating safe water spot remover soon.

Post Car Wash

Do not wax the coating. It is unnecessary and the wax will not bond to the coating. Ceramic Pro Care or Americana Global Detail Spray are the ONLY recommended maintenance and aftercare products. Ask your local installer about purchasing Ceramic Pro Care & Americana Global Detail Spray during your visit.

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