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We are seeking investors to join our network of over 200+ Elite Dealers nationwide. Find out why we are the future of professional automotive protection.

Why Invest?

A profitable venture in the automotive industry.

The Elite Dealer program stands out as an exceptionally profitable venture for investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the automotive industry. One of the key factors contributing to its attractiveness is the consistently high-profit margins. The program is meticulously designed to empower dealers with exclusive advantages, ranging from preferential pricing on inventory to advanced marketing support, ultimately fostering a competitive edge in the market.

A substantial potential for expansion.

As consumers become increasingly mindful of protecting their substantial investments in vehicles, the demand for comprehensive automotive protection plans has seen a consistent uptrend. The Elite Dealer program strategically positions investors to capitalize on this burgeoning market by providing them with access to cutting-edge protection products and services.

The automotive protection industry’s growth is fueled by a rising awareness among consumers about the long-term benefits of safeguarding their vehicles against unforeseen risks and wear-and-tear. Elite Dealers, benefiting from the program’s extensive resources and support, are well-positioned to cater to this demand, offering customers tailored protection plans that not only enhance the lifespan of their vehicles but also provide peace of mind.

An ever expanding network.

As leaders in the automotive protection industry, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to fostering the success of Elite Dealers, contributing to the remarkable growth and expansion of our network. Our proven success has been shown in cultivating a thriving network of over 200 Elite Dealers nationwide.

Our track record of success is not merely a testament to the program’s efficacy but also to the unparalleled benefits it offers to investors. Elite Dealers within our network benefit from a dynamic ecosystem that provides access to exclusive resources, advanced training, and innovative technologies.

Increasing demand and brand recognition.

We recognize that effective marketing is a cornerstone of success in the automotive protection industry, and thus, we go above and beyond to empower our Elite Dealers with the tools they need to thrive. Through tailored marketing support, we ensure that our clients can effectively communicate their unique value propositions and offerings to a wider audience.

Ceramic Pro’s marketing initiatives are strategically designed to create a strong presence in the market, driving consumer awareness and preference for the products and services offered by Elite Dealers. Our comprehensive marketing strategy ensures that Elite Dealers are at the forefront of customers’ minds when it comes to high-quality automotive protection solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

Elite Dealer

  • Exclusive Products
  • Lead System
  • CARFAX Warranties
  • Business & Marketing Support
  • Dealer Conference
  • Personalized Shop Design
  • In-House Shop Management Software

Our Competitors

  • Exclusive Products
  • Lead System
  • CARFAX Warranties
  • Business & Marketing Support
  • Dealer Conference
  • Personalized Shop Design
  • In-House Shop Management Software

See What Our
Elite Dealers Have to Say

Every month, we like to showcase our Elite Dealers across the country. These exceptional individuals play a pivotal role in our network, and we believe in acknowledging their dedication and success. During these spotlights, our Elite Dealers openly share their invaluable experiences with the Elite Dealer program, shedding light on the program’s impact on their business and the industry at large.

Why Elite Dealer?

Proven Market Demand

The automotive restyling and protection market is booming, and Ceramic Pro is the industry leader.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Elite Dealer Program offers revolutionary product solutions, ensuring superior protection that is ahead of the competition.

Solid Global Reputation

With a presence in 80+ countries, Ceramic Pro products are a trusted and recognized brand worldwide.

Elite Dealer Benefits

As an Elite Dealer, you’ll have exclusive access to premium products, extensive training, and unparalleled marketing and sales support.

Software Solutions

Step into the new age of running a business effectively through data driven decisions with our proprietary shop software.

High Profit Margins

Enjoy substantial returns on investment with a product that car owners love and trust.

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Have a goal in mind, keep looking forward and attack that goal. Don’t worry about the challenges… they make you better, make you stronger. Becoming an Elite Dealer will put you in a separate category from the rest - it’s a major accomplishment.

Sergio CanizalezCeramic Pro South Bay

It was very important for us to stand out in the market. Our #1 thing is the customer experience. We like to invest in our customers. This is key in being an Elite Dealer.

Chris ReyesCeramic Pro Bay Area

The support that the folks at Ceramic Pro have given me and my business has been immeasurable. From product questions to training support to establishing processes within the business to help scale up and help us grow… the support has been a complete game changer for the business.

Alvaro AlvaCeramic Pro Riverside

The team at Ceramic Pro has been very helpful as far as getting to learn their products and their software. The support we get is why we decided to sign an Elite Dealer contract.

Scott SmithCeramic Pro Peoria