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Ceramic Pro takes your success very seriously. Flawless product installation is paramount to the advancement of your business and the continued success of the Ceramic Pro brand. For this reason we are committed to training our installers in the best methods to properly install our ceramic coatings and films. Not only will you be able to adequately work with our product, but you can pass that knowledge on to future hires. Your customers will be happier and your business will flourish.

Our training sessions go well beyond installation. We cover prep-work extensively. We believe prep is extremely important to a Ceramic Pro coating application or Kavaca PPF installation. We also offer tips on managing your business, acquiring leads and ultimately closing successful sales. Our online courses go in depth about pricing, warranties and many other aspects of our products that are often overlooked. All Ceramic Pro installers are required to take our online courses and pass the assessments. In regards to our factory training seminars, we give priority to factory-trained certified installers on our dealer map.

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We require all our installers to study the courses below. After the video lessons there will be a test that you must pass to be in good standing. This applies to installers that have attended live seminars as well. We do this to ensure Ceramic Pro products are used correctly nationwide, upholding important brand quality values. This is good for our brand and in turn good for all installers. Choose the course related to your business.

These courses are officially run by Ceramic Pro. They are designed specifically for Ceramic Pro installers. Here you can acquire the knowledge necessary for successful professional installations of Ceramic Pro products. You will be tested at the end of each course.

Paint Protection Film Training

Paint Protection Film Training is a professional training course offered by Ceramic Pro. This course allows detailers to learn how to safely and correctly install Paint Protection Film (PPF) on their customer’s vehicles. Rather than being offered online, this is an onsite training course designed to give detailers hands-on experience working with PPF.

This course is designed and delivered by professional PPF firms with a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality paint protection films. It gives attending detailers access to expert knowledge and experience with these materials.

As well as being an onsite course, the program is delivered over a few days to help detailers get to grips with the ins and outs of PPF installation.

Window Tint Training

This three-day workshop, held at our Ceramic Pro facility in Carlsbad, California, is the ultimate guide to becoming a window tinting expert. Ceramic Pro Americas offers a robust and cost-effective solution that not only enhances the service you provide to your valued customers, but also allows you, the detailer, to increase your profit margins. Our comprehensive training program trains detailers how to properly apply Ceramic Pro’s window films and tints on their customers’ vehicles with efficiency and precision. Dane Gregory, Ceramic Pro’s master tint trainer, will lead this three-day window tint training course and give you all the exclusive tips and tricks of successful detailers.

Ceramic Coating Training

Ceramic Pro’s Ceramic Coating Training course is a professional course designed and delivered by the industry-leading #1 coating manufacturer. This course is taught over multiple days, teaching you the ins and outs of working with ceramic coatings.

Our Ceramic Coating Training course explains the process step-by-step, covering every necessary part of the task. Experience the most comprehensive course that includes everything from learning about correct vehicle decontamination to exploring paint correction and installing ceramic coatings correctly.

Why Partner With Ceramic Pro?

  • Get training from world-class professionals in a real-world environment.
  • Gain exclusive tips and tricks used by veteran detailer
  • Master a simplified process for generating revenue and saving time.
  • Certificate that gives you a competitive advantage over other brands
  • Immediate access to new customers
  • A dedicated trainer ready to help you succeed

Live Seminars

Factory Training

Online courses are great, however, nothing beats real live hands-on training.

While our online courses and assessments are required for every Ceramic Pro Certified Installer, there is no question that hands-on training is hard to beat. This is why we offer live on-site training seminars throughout the year. Please let us know you are interested in booking a session during one of our live seminars. These are held at various locations throughout the country.

Online Courses Available


These courses are officially run by Ceramic Pro. They are designed specifically for Ceramic Pro installers. Here you can acquire the knowledge necessary for successful professional installations of Ceramic Pro products. You will be tested at the end of each course.
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