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The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Training Course

Ceramic Pro’s Ceramic Coating Training course is a professional course designed and delivered by the industry-leading #1 coating manufacturer. This course is taught over multiple days, teaching you the ins and outs of working with ceramic coatings.

Our Ceramic Coating Training course explains the process step-by-step, covering every necessary part of the task. Experience the most comprehensive course that includes everything from learning about correct vehicle decontamination to exploring paint correction and installing ceramic coatings correctly.

Why Should A Professional Detailer Attend a Ceramic Pro Training Course?

As a professional detailer attending a Ceramic Pro training course, you’ll be taught how to fully grasp every aspect of the process thanks to professional guidance from the leading experts in ceramic coatings.

Attending a Ceramic Coating Training course through Ceramic Pro also allows you to establish connections with both sales reps for individual ceramic coating companies as well as Ceramic Pro’s management team. These relationships are a powerful resource for learning the tools and skills necessary to develop your detailing business.

The hands-on experience you gain on a Ceramic Coating Training course from Ceramic Pro is designed to help detailers like you hit the ground running and become successful when offering ceramic coating services to your clients.

2 Day Training Course

  • Paint Correction and Hands On Coating Installation
  • Learn how to apply on the Exterior & Interior of vehicles with entire line up of CP Products
  • Gain Knowledge with Tips & Tricks and Problem Solving techniques
  • Learn about Ceramic Pro Programs: Lead System, Warranty System, Carfax, Dealer Resources and more!
  • Marketing & Sales Overview: Marketing Tools, Sales, SEO, Social Media
  • Business Overview: Employee Pay, Margins, Pricing, and more.


Why Partner With Ceramic Pro?

  • Get training from world-class professionals in a real-world environment.
  • Gain exclusive tips and tricks used by veteran detailer
  • Master a simplified process for generating revenue and saving time.
  • Certificate that gives you a competitive advantage over other brands
  • Immediate access to new customers
  • A dedicated trainer ready to help you succeed

CERAMIC COATING Factory Training

may, 2022

Online Courses Available

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Kavaca Tint

These courses are officially run by Ceramic Pro. They are designed specifically for Ceramic Pro installers. Here you can acquire the knowledge necessary for successful professional installations of Ceramic Pro products. You will be tested at the end of each course.
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