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Window Tint Training for Professional Detailers

Become a Certified Installer

An Unrivaled Window Tint Training Program

This three-day workshop, held at our Ceramic Pro facility in Carlsbad, California, is the ultimate guide to becoming a window tinting expert. Ceramic Pro Americas offers a robust and cost-effective solution that not only enhances the service you provide to your valued customers, but also allows you, the detailer, to increase your profit margins. Our comprehensive training program trains detailers how to properly apply Ceramic Pro’s window films and tints on their customers’ vehicles with efficiency and precision. Dane Gregory, Ceramic Pro’s master tint trainer, will lead this three-day window tint training course and give you all the exclusive tips and tricks of successful detailers.

Benefits of Taking a Window Tinting Course

There are several benefits of enrolling in Ceramic Pro’s KAVACA Window Tinting Course:

  1. For starters, you’ll receive professional guidance on how to correctly install any one of Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Film or tint products.
  2. This three-day course teaches you the best practices to employ when installing any type of Ceramic Pro window film onto a customer’s car.
  3. With the proper knowledge and expertise, you can complete more advanced and lucrative window film jobs in your shop.
  4. You’ll also learn the correct way to avoid any unnecessary damage to a customer’s car during the window tinting process.

By completing the Ceramic Pro Window Tint Training course, you’ll be able to take your detailing business to the next level by expanding the services you can offer customers and learning how to perform these services the right way.

3 Day Training Course

  • Professional Demonstration: Overview & demo on all window surfaces
  • Wet shrink demo & hands on: Side window sweep removal and bottom loading techniques
  • Dry shrink demo & hands on: Rear window techniques
  • Hand Cut demo and hands on: Practice to achieve deliverable work.


Why Partner With Ceramic Pro?

  • Get training from world-class professionals in a real-world environment.
  • Gain exclusive tips and tricks used by veteran detailer
  • Master a simplified process for generating revenue and saving time.
  • Certificate that gives you a competitive advantage over other brands
  • Immediate access to new customers
  • A dedicated trainer ready to help you succeed

WINDOW TINT Factory Training

may, 2022

Online Courses Available

Kavaca PPF
Kavaca Tint

These courses are officially run by Ceramic Pro. They are designed specifically for Ceramic Pro installers. Here you can acquire the knowledge necessary for successful professional installations of Ceramic Pro products. You will be tested at the end of each course.
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