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What is Paint Protection Film Training?

Paint Protection Film Training is a professional training course offered by Ceramic Pro. This course allows detailers to learn how to safely and correctly install Paint Protection Film (PPF) on their customer’s vehicles. Rather than being offered online, this is an onsite training course designed to give detailers hands-on experience working with PPF.

This course is designed and delivered by professional PPF firms with a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality paint protection films. It gives attending detailers access to expert knowledge and experience with these materials.

As well as being an onsite course, the program is delivered over a few days to help detailers get to grips with the ins and outs of PPF installation.

Benefits of Adding PPF to Your Detailing Services

Adding PPF experience to the detailing services that you can offer clients has several benefits:

Working on PPF projects adds a massive boost to your business revenue, especially since PPF is becoming an increasingly popular option for vehicle owners who want to protect their vehicles.

With the right PPF expertise under your belt, you’ll be able to offer higher-end and upscale services to your clients. This allows you to access more lucrative clients while also adding valuable options for your existing customers.

Having specialist PPF experience also gives you a competitive advantage over local detailing shops. By broadening your skill-set and offering more services, you can entice customers to hire you rather than a detailing shop that doesn’t provide PPF.

3 Day Training Course

  • Learn the basics and introduction to Paint Protection Film Installation.
  • Gain Knowledge with Tips & Tricks, Tools, and Problem Solving techniques.
  • Installation on multiple exterior surfaces with help and guidance.
  • Demos and explanations from professionals.
  • Learn how to use a Plotter: Loading Film, Removal of Cap Sheet, Software Tips & Tricks.
  • Instructions on Weeding: How to transfer material from plotter, how to weed on glass board vs table.
  • Bulk Install: Learning how to do bulk installation on fenders, hoods, etc.


Why Partner With Ceramic Pro?

  • Get training from world-class professionals in a real-world environment.
  • Gain exclusive tips and tricks used by veteran detailer
  • Master a simplified process for generating revenue and saving time.
  • Certificate that gives you a competitive advantage over other brands
  • Immediate access to new customers
  • A dedicated trainer ready to help you succeed

PPF Factory Training

march, 2023

Online Courses Available

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Kavaca Tint

These courses are officially run by Ceramic Pro. They are designed specifically for Ceramic Pro installers. Here you can acquire the knowledge necessary for successful professional installations of Ceramic Pro products. You will be tested at the end of each course.
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