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Ceramic Window Tint in Alpharetta, Georgia – Ceramic Pro Elite Alpharetta, Georgia

Ceramic Pro Elite Alpharetta is an exclusive Elite Dealer that offers two premium window tints to vehicle owners throughout Fulton County. KAVACA ceramic infrared-blocking window film is made with nanotechnology and reflects up to 96 percent of heat-generating infrared radiation.

This lowers your need for air conditioning while keeping the inside of your automobile cooler. As a result, fuel efficiency improves, and the battery’s operating life is prolonged. It’s due to these reasons and others that residents in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Halcyon, and other cities in Fulton County choose KAVACA window tint for their luxury vehicles.

If you’re looking for an affordable window film option that doesn’t sacrifice quality, our Ceramic Pro Carbon CS window film is perfect for you. In addition to being more economical, this type of Window Film also blocks out harmful UVA and UVB rays, making it ideal for protecting your skin and furniture from fading.

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What Makes Ceramic Pro Window Tint Unique?

Ceramic Pro has been the front-runner in nanotechnology for over ten years, providing residents of North America and beyond with top-quality protection for their vehicles. Our original Ceramic Pro 9H coatings were unrivaled when they hit the market, and we continue to innovate with products like our superior window films – guaranteed for life!

KAVACA window tint creates a more durable, longer-lasting adhesion using high-quality and sustainable raw materials infused with nanotechnology within the film. We provide two distinct grades of window film in various VLTs or hues for your car. This enables vehicle owners in Alpharetta to choose whatever matches their manufacturer’s standard privacy glass or is permitted based on State of Georgia window tint laws.

Our window tints use nano ceramic and carbon technology to give 99.9 percent UVA and UVB radiation protection, ensuring that your car’s interior remains protected from sun exposure while also providing UV and UVA protection. Leather seats, dashboards, center consoles, plastic, and wood trim are protected from fading or premature aging due to UV ray exposure.

Take some time to learn more about KAVACA Window Films by reviewing the information below.

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KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint is the most advanced automotive window film ever created. Utilizing our proprietary nano ceramic technology, we’ve been able to create window tint film that blocks up to 96% of infrared heat – giving you the ultimate indoor cabin experience. Our window films also provide superior protection against cancer causing UV rays, keeping you and your passengers safer.

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KAVACA Carbon CS Window Film

KAVACA Window Films were formulated with extensive research for look and performance. KAVACA Carbon Color Stable Window Film follows this same design approach with proprietary blend of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials, which results in blocking up to 70% infrared heat. Not only does our film reduce the heat inside your vehicle, it also offers SPF500 which blocks 99%+ of the damaging UV rays.

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KAVACA Window Films Alpharetta

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Alpharetta Georgia installs KAVACA Advanced Window Films. KAVACA Window Films offer supreme IR filtering at any tint percentage level. The available lineup is vast, including many tint percentages, filtering levels and tint tones.


Ceramic Window Tint is one of Google’s most popular terms for new car owners. The main appeal is that ceramic window tint rejects heat better than any other type of film. Additionally, it doesn’t contain metallic or crystalline materials like older infrared-blocking films. These older films often interfere with cell phone and satellite radio transmissions.

Installing ceramic window tint is especially important in hot climates like the southern United States. Ceramic Pro’s window tints are at the cutting edge of technology and provide better heat dispersion and stronger film-to-glass bonding than other brands. If your window is broken or shattered, the film will hold all the pieces together.

Ceramic Pro’s premium Ceramic IR window film is arguably the most eco-friendly window tint made today.

Internal temperatures in all vehicles rises due to infrared radiation, or IR. This means that during hot weather, you must use your air conditioning more often to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin of your vehicle. However, for electric vehicles (EVs), this only becomes an issue for less than half the year because battery drainage is significantly reduced in Tesla’s and Lucid Motors’ EVs.

Installing an IR-blocking window tint is a proactive measure that will save you money and energy while extending the range of your battery. It is also advantageous for gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. KAVACA ceramic window films from Ceramic Pro Elite Alpharetta come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects and are available to be installed by professionals.

This means that, unlike inferior quality window tint products, you’ll never experience cracking, purpling, or premature wear.

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If you’re looking for an exclusive and luxurious automotive experience, then a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is the place for you. To become a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, auto salons need to complete comprehensive training, meet thorough quality control standards, and provide consistently great service.

Ceramic Pro Elite Alpharetta is your trusted installer of premium window tints in Alpharetta.

If you have questions about ceramic window tint in Alpharetta for your vehicle or would like to request a free quote – click the button below. We look forward to serving you.


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KAVACA Advanced Window Tint Installation in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA offers the most advanced window films in the the world. Using the latest in nano-technology we offer window tint films that are infused with either nano-ceramic or nano-carbon particles to offer the most effective IR and UV filtration available today.

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