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Ceramic Pro Northwest Houston

20220 Hempstead Rd #27,
Houston, TX 77065
Ph: (832) 501-3178
Email:[email protected]
Web: zenithautoworks.com

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Ceramic Pro Northwest Houston

Ceramic Pro Northwest Houston specializes in Ceramic Pro. Located in the White Oak Falls neighborhood of Houston, this detailer provides high-end auto detailing services to cars new and old. Zenith Auto Works provides paint protection and high end automotive detail services. With the services provided, you car gains protection from the elements in the variable climate of Texas.

Ceramic Pro is a state of the art hydrophobic shield that uses nano-ceramic protective shield to protect your paint from blemishes. When cured by auto detailing professionals, this unique formula transforms to protect your paint from road salt, insect acids, dirt, bird droppings, pollen and more! Ceramic Pro adds protection to your vehicle with certain packages backed by lifetime warranties.

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