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Tyler Yates Proving Age is No Excuse to Delay Success

Contrary to popular belief, age doesn’t exclude opportunities for life lessons and future success. Just ask Showroom Solutions Plus, LLC’s owner Tyler Yates, a young entrepreneur who has taken his passion for cars and created the foundation of building a quickly growing detailing shop powered by Ceramic Pro.

The 22-year-old opened Showroom Solutions Plus, which serves diverse Akron and Canton, Ohio region. They offer complete detailing services, paint correction, paint less dent repair, marine detailing, window tinting, and Ceramic Pro coating installation and maintenance. While his shop is a work in progress, he has established a solid baseline of loyal clients, by offering superior customer service and producing exceptional results. Content Editor Aiden Forde reached out Tyler to discuss his passion for detailing, how he got started, some of the challenges he faces, and vision for the future.

AF: Hey Tyler – thanks for joining us today for an interview. Let’s start with something simple – How did you get started with detailing and when did you begin? 

TY: I started in High school taking the automotive program for my passion for cars. I ended up getting a job at my local Valvoline instant oil change and worked my way up the corporate ladder but had soon to realize being in the pits changing oil was not for me.

I ended up bouncing job to job and ended up at the local tunnel wash drying cars after they have been washed. The tunnel wash was the start of it all. I had finally found something I enjoyed. I realized what kind of business you can build with a car wash with buying chemicals in bulk to save money, having 5-10 people in a car wash to prep, dry and even vacuum cars out was just interesting for me.

So, I looked further in depth. I found a local detail shop that specializes in more strict details of this detailing instead of just washing cars. I soon found out that there is damage from the wash tunnel and found all these different ways to protect and enhance a vehicle’s paint.

I was hired into the biggest shop (competitor) in the area. I was currently studying business at a local college and found the opportunity in the area for this detail shop to have someone valuable that could run or scale this company.

I dropped out of college worked for this detail shop to learn all the ins and outs of the skill.  I soon had found out you could really grow one of these “auto Spa’s” so why not give it a shot? In 2018 I filed my LLC, started my social media pages, and started cold calling dealerships and possible clientele.

AF: When you’re not busy running your business, what do you do for fun or recreation?   

TY: In my free time I love to spend time going to the gym, spending time with friends, even watching YouTube videos of bigger shops across the US.

AF: What’s the best part of owning a detailing shop? 

TY: The best part of it all is Dealing with people who share the same passion. It’s a lot of fun connecting with people who love the industry or even play a role in the industry.

AF: What’s the toughest part of owning a detailing shop?   

TY: The toughest part is going through the typical pains of an entrepreneur.  Those who can relate – you’re trying to build a business but there’s no path, there is no right or wrong. it’s all trial and error. What might work for a shop in Florida might be completely different here in Ohio. it’s simply an emotional roller coaster.

AF: If you could snap your fingers and invent a new detailing product to help simplify your job – what would it be?   

TY: This isn’t something that couldn’t help detailers, but it’s been on my mind nonstop. If I could invent a new product that would change the industry it would be – what I call it – Virtual Window Film. On new cars there is a heads-up display for the windshield to show speed/ directions etc.

Imagine if there was a unit on every window to project window film? During the day I wish I always had darker window tint while at night I want a lighter film for safety so I can see better. You could pick the percentage with a click of a button.

AF: What are your goals for 2021 and beyond as a Ceramic Pro installer?   

TY: My goals for 2021 is to continue to build a one stop shop that creates opportunity for others. Beyond Ceramic Pro, our goal at Showroom Solutions Plus is to simply build a brand that people know about or want to be a part of.

Tyler Yates is just getting started with his career path as a business owner and Ceramic Pro detailer. However, due to his location, the quality of his work, and recent projects completed for some rather influential business owners in his demographic, the future is indeed bright for this young yet quickly maturing entrepreneur.

If you’d like to learn more about Showroom Solutions Plus, take some time to visit their website, follow them on Facebook, and check out the channel – filled with great, high-quality content.

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