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Congratulations on protecting your investment with Ceramic Pro products. We have all of the warranty and aftercare information you need for your new ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window tint.

Aftercare Instructions

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Ceramic Coating Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations on making the wise decision to protect your vehicle with Ceramic Pro’s Nanoceramic Coatings. Our revolutionary nanotechnology-infused Ceramic Pro coatings help to protect your vehicle’s factory clear coat. It is tremendously effective at doing so. However, it is not bulletproof and will require routine aftercare to maintain the integrity of the coating.

By following our manufacturer-recommended ceramic coating care instructions, your vehicle will be eligible for warranties, and your coating will hold up for many years. Watch our video for more maintenance and aftercare information.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips

Paint Protection Film Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations on protecting your investment with KAVACA Paint Protection Film. Your vehicle is now protected from light to medium scratches, exposure to the elements, flying debris, and natural toxins. While this polyurethane-based film is exceptionally durable, proper maintenance and aftercare methods are necessary to maintain the film’s integrity.

Check out our video for more information on maintenance and aftercare.

Paint Protection Film Maintenance Tips

Window Tint Aftercare Instructions

Congratulations on having KAVACA Window Film installed on your vehicle. While the tint has initially bonded to the inside of your windows before it is released, the adhesive needs some time to cure. Whether you opted for Ceramic IR, Carbon X, or Ultimate IR window tint, we need you to follow some simple curing and aftercare techniques to provide a lifetime of protection.

Check out our video for proper aftercare guidelines for your KAVACA Window Film.

Window Film Maintenance Tips

Warranty & Aftercare Information

Ceramic Coating

Aftercare & Warranty
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KAVACA Window Tint

Aftercare & Warranty
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Aftercare & Warranty
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Ultimate Armor

Aftercare & Warranty
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Aftercare & Warranty
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Maintaining Your Warranty

Now that you’ve learned how to maintain your service, let’s talk about maintaining your warranty. Ceramic Pro Coatings and KAVACA Paint Protection Films have a minimum and maximum warranty period. To experience the full warranty you must schedule an annual service. This is crucial in ensuring your paint protection products always perform like brand new.

Watch our video for more details!

The Aftercare Kit

At Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer we are proud to partner with Americana Global in developing a line of aftercare products that work with our protection products. The Americana Global Aftercare Kit comes with five bottled aftercare products and two towels. All of these products were specifically designed to work with Ceramic Pro products.

Check out our video for more details!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Ceramic Coating to Cure?

The coatings will cure enough to drive outside within 48 hours. Depending on the type of ceramic coating, the typical curing process takes up to two weeks. This is the period that we recommend waiting before washing the vehicle.

How Do I Care for My Car After Ceramic Coating?

Whether you choose an entry-level Ceramic Pro Sport coating or a Gold Package, taking care of any ceramic-coated vehicle follows a simple six-step process.

Step 1: Always wash your coated car or vehicle every two weeks. With a ceramic coating, you must remove surface debris every few weeks. You can occasionally use a foam cannon and high-pressure hose to rinse and wash a ceramic-coated vehicle.

Step 2: Use the Two Bucket car wash technique. We strongly recommend completing a hand wash using the two-bucket car washing method at least once monthly. This will remove stubborn debris and contaminants, like bird droppings, tree sap, industrial toxins, pollen build-up, and more. These substances can lead to cross-contamination, reducing ceramic coatings’ hydrophobic properties.

Step 3: Use the Right Ceramic Coating Aftercare Soap. Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare shampoo is specifically formulated to maintain ceramic-coated vehicles. The key is not to use car soaps with wax or petroleum distillates or have high or low pH levels. You can use a foam gun or pressure washer and foam cannon for weekly standard home washing.

Step 4: Avoid washing direct sunlight or warm to the touch surfaces. Car washes should always be completed in the shade or early in the morning – late in the afternoon. The key is NOT to wash any warm or hot vehicle to the touch.

Step 5: Use a dedicated microfiber drying towel. Once washing the vehicle, use a dedicated microfiber drying towel to remove all standing water. This will help to reduce water spotting.

Step 6: Always follow up with annual inspections. Each Ceramic Pro coating package – including our Bronze Package, Silver Package, and Gold Package – and the new Ultimate Armor package will require an annual inspection completed by a certified Ceramic Pro auto detailing installer.

This allows them to complete a detailed decontamination wash, removing debris from the surface that can ‘clog the coatings.’ They’ll also be able to inspect the coating and apply a ceramic coating boost to improve the self-cleaning effect.

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Maintaining My Ceramic Coating?


  • Abrade the surface: no hard brushing, no drive-thru car washes, no dry towel wiping
  • Do not park under a shedding tree
  • Do not leave hard water to dry on the paint during washing or from sprinklers


  • If you need to clean, lubricate the surface with the recommended detail spray or wash solution
  • Always use microfiber towels, especially during the curing process

Is it Normal to Notice Bubbles in My PPF After Installation?

Yes, this is normal. You may notice some small bubbles after your PPF installation. All should resolve themselves within ten days of installation. If they continue, contact your Elite Dealer directly.

What Are the Do's and Don'ts of PPF Aftercare?


  • Do not use hard brushed or go through drive-thru car washes
  • Avoid high-pressure hoses, especially along the edges of the films, as this can cause lifting
  • Do not leave hard water sitting on the surface


  • Lubricate the surface with recommended detail spray or wash soap
  • Always use microfiber towels

Is Window Tint Installed on the Inside or Outside of the Window?

Window tint is installed on the inside of the window.

What are the Do's and Don'ts of Window Film Aftercare?


  • DO NOT roll the windows down for 72 hours after installation, as this can cause shifting or peeling
  • Avoid all household ammonia-based cleaners as this can cause delamination
  • DO NOT allow children to apply stickers to the windows
  • No sharp objects near the film


  • Use ammonia-free window cleaner and microfiber towels