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Can I Apply Ceramic Coating to Vinyl Wrap?

Applying a resilient ceramic coating to your car is a great way to keep it sleek and shining better than the day you got it. And while many obviously understand that you can apply a coating to the paint of a car, some may wonder if you can ceramic coat a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps have continued to become increasingly popular in the automotive space, not only for being an avenue of customization but also for its protection of the vehicle’s original paint.

However, a vinyl wrap is quite different from the finish and material used in body panels, so some may be hesitant to apply a ceramic coating on a vinyl wrap, fearing damage. Fortunately, Ceramic Pro has introduced a product specially formulated to work with vinyl wraps and give them the same protection traditional ceramic coatings provide car paints.

Ceramic Coat Vinyl Wraps with Ceramic Pro

To tackle the challenge of ceramic coating wraps, Ceramic Pro has developed two innovative products that can be used in tandem with one another or separately to preserve your wrap.

Ceramic Coating for Vinyl Wrap Products:

  • PPF & Vinyl Base Coat
  • PPF & Vinyl Top Coat

PPF & Vinyl Base Coat

The base coat is designed to be durable and thick. It provides excellent protection against damaging UV rays that can fade your wrap over time. Additionally, its high density provides a physical barrier that increases the scratch resistance of your wrap. This is particularly evident with darker colors and chrome wraps, which are commonly scratched.

Despite giving a smooth finish to your wrap, it doesn’t affect the overall finish. So don’t be afraid if you have a satin or matte finish on your car; the base coat does not alter the sheen and makes it much easier to clean and dry your car, as your towel will practically glide along the sleek surface.

PPF & Vinyl Top Coat

The top coat increases the protection even further by providing yet another physical barrier between debris and your wrap. When you ceramic coat a vinyl wrap with this top coat, you’ll end up with a highly slick and glossy finish, emulating a paint-like appearance. This finish is extremely hydrophobic, basically repelling any debris and preventing them from adhering to any pores in your wrap. If any contaminants do manage to stay on your car, they’ll easily come off with some water.

Maintain Your Vinyl Wrap

The products allow your wrap to gain the same great benefits that unwrapped cars get with their ceramic coatings. The inherent UV protection helps prevent the oxidation of your wrap, which causes unsightly fading.

Furthermore, the slick coating protects your wrap from debris and increases its resistance to scratches, furthering its lifespan. Even if your wrap does happen to be dirty, wiping off any dirt should be a breeze. Overall, you’ll be handling your wrap much more rarely than if it wasn’t ceramic coated, decreasing the opportunity for scratches or other marks.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap

Now that you know that you can ceramic coat a vinyl wrap, you can enhance and take advantage of a myriad of benefits.

  • Customization: Vinyl wraps provide a near-endless number of opportunities to customize their cars. Stick with wraps that look like factory original paint, or go for something much more exotic, like chrome or gold. Best part, is if you get tired of the look, just peel it off and put a different one on. For business owners, it’s a great way to advertise their services if they have a fleet of vehicles.
  • Cost: Compared to the price of repainting an entire vehicle, vinyl wraps are much more cost-effective.
  • Protection: Vinyl wraps on their own already act as a protective barrier to your car’s original paint. When you ceramic coat a vinyl wrap, you increase the protection even more, making your car’s body nearly impenetrable to harmful UV rays and abrasion from debris.

Ceramic Coat Your Vinyl Wrap

Ceramic Pro’s dedicated approach to addressing the challenges of caring for vinyl surfaces introduces a game-changing solution. The Ceramic Pro PPF and Vinyl Coating System not only enhances the longevity and protection of vinyl wraps but also simplifies maintenance, making it a must-have for both car enthusiasts and vinyl installers. If you’re looking to preserve the vibrant appearance of your vinyl-wrapped car, this innovative product is the perfect way to protect vinyl surfaces.

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