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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Booth #52131 in the West Hall During SEMA 2022


When it comes to the Automotive Restyling & Car Care industry – Ceramic Pro OWNS the SEMA Show.

Since our first show in 2016, the Global Leader in Nanotechnology Surface Protection has set the standard for professional appearing displays, creating industry-shattering business programs, and unveiling revolutionary coatings, paint protection films, and window tint solutions.

And guess what – for 2022 – we’re stepping up our game once again. As we hit the official 30 Days till SEMA 2022 threshold, the marketing team at Ceramic Pro Americas wanted to tease some of the top reasons why you should visit the West Hall – specifically booth #52131, Tuesday through Friday, November 1st through the 4th.

Reason #1 – Learn About Elite Dealer™

Ceramic Pro Americas is a business solutions provider focusing on the automotive, marine, and industrial aftermarket restyling and protection market. And we take this responsibility exceptionally seriously. Each time we have an idea for a new product or service, we must move the needle to elevate the industries we serve.

Elite Dealer doesn’t just move the needle; it injects the Automotive Detailing and Restyling Industry with a complete business solution.

At SEMA 2021 – Ceramic Pro Americas met with 20 of our top-selling auto spas to discuss a revolutionary business solution initiative called Elite Dealer™. They were officially on board with this program by the show’s end.

So – what precisely is Elite Dealer?

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers provides an upscale, one-stop shop for professional detailing and aftermarket surface protection solutions. Each Elite Dealer is hand-selected by Ceramic Pro’s executive leadership team and showcases professionalism, expertise, and customer service never displayed in the aftermarket vehicle protection industry.

All Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers undergo a rigorous manufacturer training program, allowing them to prep, install, and maintain Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA Films with precision and attention to detail. This permits our customers to enjoy a single source solution, protecting their entire vehicle, in a warm, inviting, and opulent atmosphere.

Wanna learn how you can hop on the Elite Dealer freight train? Visit Booth #52131 in the West Hall.

Reason #2 – Ultimate Armor™

In 2018, our CEO Brett Benito met with representatives of Carfax to lay the foundation for the creation of the Aftermarket Protection Reporting feature on their Vehicle Service History Report. What started as a coating-specific reporting function has morphed into our coatings and KAVACA PPF, and Window Films.

Once again – Ceramic Pro is stepping up the game by debuting the world’s first FULL Vehicle Exterior Protection Package backed by a Carfax documented Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package is the next level in automotive surface protection. This revolutionary vehicle protection package wraps the full front of your vehicle with KAVACA Paint Protection Film – while the remaining exterior surfaces are protected with Ceramic Pro’s Nano Ceramic Coatings. It’s offered exclusively through Elite Dealers (see above).

Here is a bit of a tease video that shows some of the features of Ultimate Armor.

Reason #3 – One Word – ION

So – we’re not going to unveil all our secrets in today’s blog. Let’s just say that Ceramic Pro is about to launch a revolutionary ceramic coating that embraces the same technology that creates next-generation display screens on the world’s leading mobile devices.

No Graphene here – let’s just say – it’s IONIC. Again – take the Tesla Loop from the main hall down to the West Hall (an experience in itself) and head to the middle of the room at Booth #52131.

Reason #4 – What’s Going to Be in the Booth?

Ceramic Pro Americas is one of the most visited booths at the annual SEMA show. A primary reason for this is the iconic, showstopping display vehicles protected with Ceramic Pro solutions.

Last year, we were blessed to have the late Randy Savage’s Pagani Huayra wrapped in KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film, then had EVERY other vehicle surface coated in our next-level ceramic coatings.

What’s in store for 2022??? Well, you’ll just have to visit the booth to find out. PLUS – several of our Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers will have vehicles they’ve protected on display in other booths. We’ll provide details about those displays as we get closer to the SEMA 2022 Show.

Reason #5 – Reconnect with The Ceramic Pro Team

SEMA is more than cool cars, free swag, and new product or service promotions. It is also about connecting with the people who provide exceptional customer service to their customers, company leaders who make decisions, and some of the important people behind the scenes who make the magic work.

As usual, several essential business consultants, executive leaders, and marketing team members will be on location to answer your questions about all Ceramic Pro’s business solutions.

Whether it’s introducing Americana Global’s revolutionary Elite Series line of abrasive technology or the new bells and whistles included in Ceramic Pro Shop Manager, our team will be there from show open till drive out on Friday late afternoon.

Elite Dealer South San Jose Porsche Taycan

Make sure to check our weekly blog – as we introduce some more information about Ceramic Pro’s involvement in SEMA 2022.

For Media Inquiries or to set up videos, podcasts, or interviews from Ceramic Pro Americas Booth #52131 in the West Hall – Please Click the Button Below to Contact our Director of Corporate Communications.

Tim Charlet

Author Tim Charlet

Tim Charlet serves as the Pai Mei of Ceramic Pro Americas content management team. He also formulates and improves Americana Global detailing supplies, and serves as a Key Accounts Manager for Ceramic Pro and Americana Global products.

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