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New Elite Dealer program by Ceramic Pro Americas provides experienced auto salons the opportunity to own valuable online and physical real estate, receive business growth, technical guidance, and marketing support, and mentorship from Corporate Leaders.

San Diego, Calif. – As the global leader in automotive surface protection, Ceramic Pro Americas is proud to announce the official launch of the Elite Dealer Initiative.

This revolutionary business concept permits experienced auto salons the opportunity to own valuable online and geographical real estate receive business growth, technical guidance, and marketing support, and mentorship from corporate leaders.

This program also permits Elite Dealers to provide a one-stop shop with an upscale and opulent experience to their clients, establishing brand affection for years to come.

The Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Initiative was initially conceived in 2021 by the Ceramic Pro Americas corporate leadership team. After consulting with 20+ long-time Ceramic Pro Auto Spas – with several meetings during the 2021 SEMA Show, a BETA testing program was established.

This allowed corporate leadership and Elite Dealers to fine-tune the parameters of the program throughout the first three quarters of the 2022 fiscal year.

As of September 1st, 2022, 53 certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers currently serve ceramic coating, PPF, and window tint consumers, in 27 US States, with more than double ready in the wings as the 2022 SEMA Show approaches.

“Since today’s automotive consumers search for high-quality ceramic coatings, PPF, and window film, they don’t have the patience or time to shop, choose between different manufacturers, and schedule appointments at different locations,” noted Adam Cote, who serves as Ceramic Pro Americas Executive Director of Elite Dealer services.

Cote continued to add, “The new Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Initiative was established to solve these consumer-direct issues. It further allows professional detailers to accelerate their business growth, dominate local online searches, and offer a genuine one-stop shop with white glove service that stands on par with the brand equity we’ve created since 2013.”

Learn More About the Elite Dealer Program

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers represent the pinnacle in surface protection service. Elite Dealers must pass a rigorous factory-training program to ensure expertise and precision installation of Ceramic Pro coatings and films.

Additionally, Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers carry Ceramic Pro and KAVACA products exclusively. This makes it so the customer can enjoy a single-source solution for protecting their entire vehicle – saving them time and ensuring quality.

Elite Dealers are also the only authorized installers of Ceramic Pro’s latest Ultimate Armor Package – the world’s first full-vehicle surface protection package with a Carfax document lifetime warranty.

“Our focus on enhancing the customer’s experience is paramount,” noted Cote. “Our new Ultimate Armor package is a customized installation of KAVACA Paint Protection Film and our Flagship Ceramic Coatings. We trust our Elite Dealers to install these packages efficiently and professionally, which is why they are exclusively available from certified Elite Dealers.”

Cote concluded, “As we continue to fine-tune and evolve the Elite Dealer program, more services, support, and revolutionary detailing supplies will be available to our network. We’re pleased with the initial launch of the Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Initiative. We are extremely confident that this will serve as the roadmap that guides the future of the automotive restyling industry.”

Ceramic Pro Americas will once again attend the SEMA Show – hosted at The Las Vegas Convention Center from November 1st through 4th, 2022. The display will be in the new West Hall at Booth #52131.

The SEMA Show will open to attendees from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

About Ceramic Pro Americas

Based in San Diego, California, Ceramic Pro Americas (CPA) is a business solutions provider focusing on the automotive, marine, and industrial aftermarket restyling and protection market. We are the exclusive distributor of Ceramic Pro coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, KAVACA Window Film, and Americana Global Professional Detailing Supplies throughout North and South America.

The litany of business solutions created by CPA begins Elite Dealer™. The Elite Dealer Program by Ceramic Pro Americas provides experienced auto salons the opportunity to own valuable online and physical real estate, and receive business growth, technical guidance, marketing support, and mentorship from Corporate Leaders.

Elite Dealers sell and install the highest-quality professional protection products, including Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA Films, and Americana Global Professional Aftercare supplies. Further, Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers exclusively offer the Ultimate Armor Package, the world’s first full vehicle protection solution that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty – and documented on a Carfax Vehicle History Report.

Ceramic Pro Americas serves a certified detailer network of more than 5,000 locations in North America and several countries in South America. Among the other business solutions provided by Ceramic Pro Americas includes CP Shop Manager, CP Education, Lead Generation, Social Media and Digital Marketing assistance, and business development mentorship.

For Media Inquiries or to set up videos, podcasts, or interviews during the 2022 SEMA Show from Ceramic Pro Americas Booth #52131 in the West Hall – Please Click the Button Below to Contact our Director of Corporate Communications.

Tim Charlet

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Tim Charlet serves as the Pai Mei of Ceramic Pro Americas content management team. He also formulates and improves Americana Global detailing supplies, and serves as a Key Accounts Manager for Ceramic Pro and Americana Global products.

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