How to Apply Ceramic Pro CARE

In this post we’re going to talk about the application of Ceramic Pro CARE. Assuming you used a rinseless wash method, you will now have a dry vehicle. So, use a new, wet, pink Ceramic Pro microfiber towel. It should be pretty wet. Spray CARE generously to the prime towel. Simply wipe over the surface with a clean dry towel in order to wipe it dry. Flip the towel. Make sure there are no streaks and it should be extremely easy. Next, add just a few more sprays per panel and wipe it on, then wipe it dry.

If you have a washed vehicle that is still wet, here’s what to do. Simply have a dry microfiber towel and Ceramic Pro CARE. Prime the towel. The great thing about Ceramic Pro CARE too, is that it can go on any surface. So, you can wipe it on your plastics. You can wipe it on your glass. You can wipe your paint. It can go over paint protection film and on any surface. So, begin with the glass. Do not attempt to completely dry the car. You will simply start to dry it and just add a few more drops or a few more sprays per panel. Be sure to work in a cool place with no sun. That way you can go back to where you began with another clean towel and begin drying it. You will be able to see just how easily it wipes off and flashes without a streak. As we continue on, you can add just a few more sprays. It adds lubrication during your drying process and makes clean up and drying much easier.

If your first towel that you’re spraying CARE on gets too bogged down with water, simply rinse it out and add more Ceramic Pro CARE. Begin drying again. You’ll be able to feel that the paint will be very slick beneath your towel. It adds just the right amount of lubrication and makes drying the car extremely easy. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use too much. Just use enough to gently coat the surface. Make it slick underneath your towel, and again, Ceramic Pro CARE will make cleaning and drying extremely easy and protect the surface.

Ceramic Pro CARE can also be sprayed on the car when it’s dry and used as a detail spray. All you have to do is spray it on the towel, wipe it on the surface, get even coverage and come back with a drying towel and wipe off the residue. It is extremely easy to use Ceramic Pro CARE as a detail spray.

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