Car Washing Methods

We want to go over what we believe are the best car washing methods available. First, we like to start with a two bucket system. The reason why we’re using two buckets is one will have soap and the other one will be used to clean your wash media. Wash media is like a mitt or something you would use to actually wash the surface. You can use the two bucket system with either a standard garden hose or with a pressure washer. We’ll go over both. Ceramic Pro has pink towels, and we feel that these towels are not only good for drying the car, but also applying the Ceramic Pro CARE product. You can also use them as your wash mitt because they’re extremely soft and you can clean them over and over again in your washer and dryer.

Should you decide that you don’t want to use the two bucket method, you can also wash at home using a rinseless wash. Simply get a pump sprayer from any home improvement store. You fill it with your rinseless wash, spray it on, and wipe it off again. Or if you don’t want to do this, you could take your car through a touchless car wash, which can be found in many places throughout your city. Now, let’s go over washing techniques.

Three Different Car Washing Methods

So, the first wash method we’re going to go over is the two bucket system using your standard garden hose. We have one bucket here with no soap in it and one bucket with soap in it. If you want you can use a Ceramic Pro pink towel as your wash media. Simply begin by pre-rinsing the car. What you’ll see when you have Ceramic Pro on your car is that the water will bead up. It rinses very easily and is quite hydrophobic. Next, take your wash media with the soap on it and soap the car. If your vehicle is very dirty, you’ll be picking up a lot of debris on your towel. That’s why we use a two bucket system. You go into the bin here with no soap. You can even use your grit guard here, clean off your wash towel, rinse it, and go back into the soapy water that should have no debris in it. Then, go back to the vehicle, and into the no soap bucket. Simply rinse off the soap.

The next wash method we’re going to talk about is the pressure washer method, also using a two bucket system. You have your wash bucket with no soap in it and your other wash bucket with soap in it. You can agitate your soap a little bit, and keep in mind that we have a grit guard in both of these buckets so all of your debris will fall to the bottom. Using the pressure washer, simply pre-rinse the area, rinse off your wash media, put it back into the clean bucket with the soap. Start from the top of your car and work your way down. You’ll see that the towel has picked up some dirt. Take the towel, rinse it in the clean bucket, place it back in the soapy bucket, and you should be able to effortlessly spray off the soap.

The next washing technique that we’re going to show is the rinseless wash method. In this method, you will use a rinseless wash solution, mix it with water, and simply spray it on the surface. This method can even be used on a dirty surface. You simply spray it only until you have very good, even coverage. Once again, work from the top to bottom. Use our pink Ceramic Pro towels. In the rinseless wash method, you wipe. Check your towel to see if it’s dirty. If it’s not, simply flip it. If your towel continues to get dirt, simply flip it and then come back with a secondary towel and gently wipe the excess until dry. That is the rinseless method. You decide which car washing method is right for you!

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