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The professional detailing business is experiencing a renaissance. In years past, detailers were limited to the type of protective solutions – and money-making opportunities. However, with the rapid growth of nanotechnology infused into coatings, paint protection film, and window tint – the pro detailer of today has a plethora of ways to generate revenue. As such, more detailers are looking for training and educational resources that teach them how to install and care for these products and help them elevate their business growth potential. 

This is where Ceramic Pro Americas is once again – setting the standard through their CP Education program; a hybrid training, business coaching, and mentoring platform that helps a detailer transition from a side-hustle into a profitable business. 

In the information below, we’ll outline a few of the highlights of Ceramic Pro Education. But before we dive too deep, please take some time to watch the video below, telling the story of Mike Plaza. He is the owner of Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing in New York – who, with the help of the Ceramic Pro team, has indeed taken his business to the next level. 

The Story of Mike Plaza – From Steel Mills to Ceramic Coatings

If there is a living example of how the Ceramic Pro Education program works – it’s Mike Plaza. For years, Mike invested blood, sweat, and tears into his day job, working at a steel factory from dawn tonight. After a decade of the monotony of this daily grind, he determined that it was time to chase his dream of becoming a professional detailer. 

He was featured on Small Business Revolution, which highlighted passionate entrepreneurs who, like many others across the globe, were struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. One of his mentors was Ceramic Pro certified installer and successful business owner Mylan Sleets, the co-owner of Pristine Detail in Minneapolis. During their time, Mylan helped Mike improve the layout of his shop – for efficiency and Ceramic Pro.  

At that time, Mike was invited to experience the Ceramic Pro Education system. During three days, he learned how to prep vehicles, improve his paint correction skills, and correctly install nanocoatings on the outside and interior of cars, trucks, and SUVs. But, like all Ceramic Pro training courses, there was so much more he absorbed. 

Business Coaching

One of the struggles all professional detailers deal with is learning how to successfully scale their business – or transition from full-time employee to business manager and owner. During the Ceramic Pro automotive coatings training, he was introduced to the CP business coaching team of Ryan Wild and Adam Cote. 

The two Ceramic Pro veterans helped him understand how to price his coating packages, sell them to customers, answer and meet customer objections, and, most importantly, build trust throughout the sales and installation process. Mike also learned about hiring employees, how to provide competitive compensation, and develop a plan to hire more people and expand his business eventually. 

Marketing Education

Learning to apply a ceramic coating is easy – developing marketing skills to reach and convert potential customers is where many professional detailers struggle. Through Ceramic Pro Education, Mike connected with the Ceramic Pro Marketing team, where he learned about lead generation opportunities, how to correctly brand and display products, and create a warm and inviting showroom – on par with the quality of his detailing services. 

Once he became a certified Ceramic Pro installer, he gained access to many online training and teaching resources via the Ceramic Pro Education platform. 

Some of the training tools include:

  • Marketing/Lead Generation: This helps to teach Ceramic Pro certified installers how to run their marketing ad campaigns. 
  • Dealer Training Program: Ceramic Pro has more than 20 in-depth training videos for each specific product line – from coatings to paint protection film and window tint. 
  • Online Tests for each course to ensure all information is retained before hands-on training: Ceramic Pro continually trains our installers and provides the resources for growing shops to introduce coatings to their new employees onsite. 
  • Business Training Videos from Successful Detailers/Business Owners/Installers in the industry: Our team comprises experienced detailing business owners, who have learned from previous mistakes, and pass along knowledge and wisdom to help new business owners mitigate these issues. 
  • Tips & Tricks for installation in different situations and conditions: Professional grade nano-ceramic coatings are sensitive to other ambient weather conditions. We help shops in high humidity, and low humidity environments combat these hurdles – for a superior application and exceptional results. 

How to Manage his Business Through Ceramic Pro Shop Manager

Running a detailing business is time-consuming – and can be expensive. Ceramic Pro’s latest investment into their dealer network is the revolutionary Ceramic Pro Shop Manager platform – an all-in-one CRM and Business Management Solution that streamlines the daily grind and offers reporting, leads, warranty, and much more to help a business owner grow.

Continuing Education and Sales Support

Sales Representatives at Ceramic Pro are Business Consultants – mainly because their primary task is to help their clients elevate their business to achieve their goals. When a detailer or business owner onboards with Ceramic Pro, they are connected with a Business Consultant who helps them place orders through our secure online platform. They are also available to answer technical questions to improve their ceramic coating, PPF, and window tint installation craft. 

Further, with the partnership of Americana Global Premium Car Care Products – Ceramic Pro installers have in-house detailing supplies developed to save them time and money. They also provide the correct aftercare chemicals their customers seek. 

Ceramic Pro Education continues to evolve, adding resources, tools, and products that permit detailers like Mike Plaza to quit the daily grind and chase their dreams. If you’re in the same boat as Mike, or an established detailer looking to elevate your business goals, click the form below to inquire about joining the Ceramic Pro team. 

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