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EV Owners Amazed by Ceramic Pro's Complete Protective Solutions

San Diego, Calif. – The electric revolution is well underway, as Ceramic Pro Americas continues as a presenting partner of the Electrify Expo. After a successful debut with events in Irvine, Miami, and Austin in 2021, the Electrify Expo expands to a five-location venue for 2022. Ceramic Pro Americas, who was a presenting partner in 2021, set up our eye-popping and educational display at the premier event of 2022, hosted in Long Beach, Calif. at the Long Beach Convention Center.

The mission of the Electrify Expo is to energize, entertain, and educate communities, conversations, and companies around electric mobility. This two-day weekend event was created to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility products by providing an experiential platform that allows for a high number of thrilling demo ride experiences with the world’s top brands and electrified products.

Their first event of 2022 was hosted in Long Beach, with attendees from Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, and San Diego County. There were also many attendees from Arizona, Nevada, and even some who came from Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Check out our recap video below.

Most attendees represented the 35-to-49-year demographic, most professionals who either currently own an electric vehicle or are carefully considering one. As owners of Tesla, Lucid, and other EVs are extremely passionate about the care of their vehicles, it represented a perfect opportunity for the Ceramic Pro Americas marketing and sales team to engage with an estimated 30,000 consumers.

The 2022 Electrify Expo Long Beach show kicked off on Friday, where up to 5,000 industry insiders were invited for a preview prior to the gates opening to the public Saturday and Sunday. With leading automotive manufactures including BMW, Polestar, Kia, and Lucid Motors setting up displays directly next to the Ceramic Pro weekend HQ, it provided our team with an outstanding opportunity to educate current and soon to be EV owners about the value of Ceramic Pro Nano Ceramic Coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, and KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint.

“The electric vehicle transition is happening now,” said BJ Birtwell, Electrify Expo Founder, and Executive Producer in a previous interview. “Electrify Expo has quickly become the de facto experiential platform for the industry connecting electric vehicle brands to highly engaged consumers & shoppers. As we continue to expand into more cities, we naturally shift more and more momentum towards electric vehicles of all types.”

Mr. Birtwell was correct. Throughout the weekend, thousands of passionate vehicle owners visited the Ceramic Pro Americas display. They asked several questions about what type of protection is best to reduce the potential of rock chips and scratches on high-strike areas of the vehicle. Most EV owners were also interested on whether our Elite Dealers and Auto Spas offered ceramic window tints or what many referred to as heat-rejecting window films.

Ceramic Pro offers three exceptional solutions to the common problems EV owners are looking to solve. To protect the front end or high-strike areas on their expensive EVs, installing a full-front KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film package is a logical solution. For keeping the rest of the paint, trim, wheels, and outer automotive glass in optimal condition Ceramic Pro 9H ceramic coatings provide protection against natural toxins and environmental factors that cause oxidation, corrosion, and fading.

However, the biggest concern of most EV owners was finding creative ways of reducing the cabin temperature of their Tesla and other EV brands. As most of these vehicles have large windows installed on the roof and are designed for maximum visibility, it introduces more potential for heat-producing infrared radiation to penetrate non-protected windows.

This introduces a major problem for EVs especially, as it increases the interior cabin temperature, which automatically triggers the air conditioning system, designed as a safety system to keep an electric vehicle battery cooler.

By installing Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film on all major windows, EV owners can block up to 96 percent of heat-producing infrared radiation produced by the sun. This keeps the inside of the vehicle cooler for longer periods and reduces the amount of time to run the AC system, thus extending the battery range while the vehicle sits outdoors.

The partnership with Electrify Expo provides Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers with an exceptional opportunity to engage with local consumers who are actively looking to protect their electric vehicles. In fact, it was estimated that of all the people the Ceramic Pro team engaged with, more than 50% of the visitors to our booth were currently looking for coatings, PPF, and heat-rejecting window film.

The Electrify Expo along with Ceramic Pro will be on display in four more cities for 2022.

Seattle, Washington – University of Washington Stadium Parking Lot “E” – July 23rd and 24th

New York, NY – Nassau Coliseum – Long Island, NYC – August 27th and 28th

Miami, Florida – Regatta Park – October 8th and 9th

Austin, Texas – Circuit of the Americas – November 11th through 13th

To learn more about the Electrify Expo – visit their website.

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