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Sometimes you need to just SEND IT to PROVE IT. And that’s exactly what the Ceramic Pro Americas team accomplished, by partnering with social media mega influencer Daniel Mac and protecting Tactical Fleet’s 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn with an Ultimate Armor Package for it’s journey on the 2023 Legends Rally.

Equipped with a freshly installed Ultimate Armor Package, courtesy of Ceramic Pro Elite Beverly Hills, the $350,000 performance car traveled from Los Angeles, to Joshua Tree, and finally to Las Vegas, during the Legends Rally.

But this is when the story behind the story gets interesting.

You see, the Legends Rally and other events similar are notorious for shenanigans of some of its exclusive 50 participants.

And that’s what happened – as try as they might, by spray painting the ceramic-coated paint protection film protected hood, and ION coated painted surfaces, the 2019 Rolls factory finish was untouched – and the spray paint wiped right off.

Let’s look at some of the highlights from the 2023 Legends Rally – co-organized by GearOne Agency.

After you watch the recap video, scroll below to learn why you don’t have to be involved in a rally event to benefit from the amazing protective qualities of the Ultimate Armor Package – exclusively offered by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

What is Legends Rally?

The Legends Rally launched in 2021 – where the team responsible for the goldRush and FuelRun rallies collaborated with 50 celebrities, influencers, and supercar owners established a 48-hour LA to Vegas event.

The 2023 edition started in Los Angeles, made a stop in Joshua Tree, then wrapped up in Las Vegas – with a private party at the Zouk Nightclub at the Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and music supplied by Tiesto.

Influencers ranging from Brent Rivera, Zummy, Mr. CarSounds, and Daniel Mac hopped in their favorite rides and covered the event for the 10’s of millions of social media followers. Ceramic Pro Americas was a Silver Sponsor of this event.

What is the Ultimate Armor Package?

The 2019 Rolls Royce Dawn that participated in this event is owned by the team at Tactical Fleet Beverly Hills location. They have partnered with Ceramic Pro’s Beverly Hills Elite Dealer to protect several of their high-end vehicles with CP’s nanoceramic coatings and new ceramic-coated paint protection film.

The Ultimate Armor Package is the world’s first full exterior protection solution that is backed by a lifetime warranty. It kicks off with a full-front installation of KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF, including the bumper, hood, front fenders, side mirrors, and door pillars.

These areas represent the high-strike regions of vehicles – as they are the most likely to be struck with road debris – which can cause scratches, paint chips, and serious damage to expensive factory paint jobs.

The remaining exterior portions of the vehicle are then coated by Ceramic Pro’s lifetime ceramic coating package, which protects the paint, trim, glass, and wheel faces from damage caused by environmental contaminations.

Ultimate Armor FAQs

What Does the Ultimate Armor Package Cover?

The Ultimate Armor exterior protection package is customized for each customer’s vehicle. It begins with a full front installation of KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film. The film is applied to high-strike areas on the vehicle, including the front bumper, hood, side-view mirrors, and more.

The PPF installation is intended to deflect small road debris, protect the factory finish from minor scratching, and reduce the potential of rock chips.

The Ultimate Armor package’s second step is applying Ceramic Pro’s coatings to other exterior surfaces. This ensures that the vehicle’s entire exterior is protected against exposure to UV rays, chemical contamination, natural toxins, and more.

Each Ultimate Armor package is customized for the owner’s specific vehicle. Your Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer will fully explain the installation process.

What is the Warranty for the Ultimate Armor Package?

Ultimate Armor is the World’s First Complete Exterior Vehicle Protection Package backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, documented on the vehicle’s Carfax Vehicle Service History Report.

The Ultimate Armor package includes a full-front installation of KAVACA Paint Protection Film followed by the installation of Ceramic Pro coatings on all painted surfaces, headlights, glass, wheel faces, and trim.

Where Can I Get the Ultimate Armor Package?

The new Ultimate Armor package is exclusively offered through Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers across North and South America. Elite Dealers must pass a rigorous factory-training program to ensure expertise and precision installation of Ceramic Pro coatings and films.

The Ultimate Armor package requires expertise in a seamless and clean installation of PPF and Ceramic Pro coatings formulated for specific materials. Elite Dealers have the required training and expertise while providing a level of customer service that is complimentary to the quality of the Ceramic Pro brand.

What is an Elite Dealer?

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer represents the pinnacle of surface protection service. Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers provides an upscale, one-stop shop for professional detailing and aftermarket surface protection solutions. Each Elite Dealer showcases professionalism, expertise, and customer service never displayed in the aftermarket vehicle protection industry.

All Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers undergo a rigorous manufacturer training program, allowing them to prep, install, and maintain Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA Films with precision and attention to detail.

This lets our customers enjoy a single-source solution, protecting their entire vehicle in a warm, inviting, and opulent atmosphere.

Whether you’re getting ready to head out on an exclusive rally, or just want to protect your new vehicle from road debris and graffiti, click the button below to find an Elite Dealer near you.

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Tim Charlet serves as the Pai Mei of Ceramic Pro Americas content management team. He also formulates and improves Americana Global detailing supplies, and serves as a Key Accounts Manager for Ceramic Pro and Americana Global products.

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