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Choosing the Right Window Tint

Choosing the right window tint can be an overwhelming experience. In fact, it’s probably so overwhelming that you don’t even consider the brand or the quality of the window film and just end up going with what the “experts” at your local automotive window tint shop recommend. While they might be knowledgeable, it is important to educate yourself on what you’re spending your money on before you set foot in your local tint shop. If you’ve found yourself reading this blog, you’re on the right track! Come along as we break down the importance of choosing the right car window tint and the factors to consider when doing so.

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Assess Your Needs – Why Do You Want Window Tint?

To start off, let’s ask the most important question: Why do you want window tint? There could be a book full of reasons, so let’s talk about it.


Are you looking to restyle the look of your car? If you’re looking to create a more uniform look or if you’ve always liked the look of darker windows, then you are probably looking for a darker tint. Window tinting serves as an expressive and customizable element that can instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle. The subtle or bold variations in tint shades can impart a sleek, sophisticated, or even sporty look to your car, contributing to an overall cohesive design.


Are you looking for more privacy? Let’s be real, no one likes driving around in a fishbowl. Choosing a darker tint for privacy reasons is a solid choice for people who prioritize a sense of seclusion when on the road. Tinted windows act as a protective barrier from nosey people on the road or for safeguarding your belongings when your car is parked. Whether it’s for personal solitude during a commute or to shield valuables from prying eyes, window tinting establishes a discreet sanctuary within the car.

Keeping Cool

Do you live in a warm environment? Is getting into your car during summer absolutely unbearable? What you’re looking for is heat rejection. No more burning your legs on leather seats or burning your fingers on searing hot steering wheels! A good quality window film can offer incredible heat rejection, even with an optically clear film. Gone are the days of having to choose a super dark film in order to experience any type of heat rejection.

Health and Safety

Are you looking for added protection? You may have children or pets that you drive around often. Tinting your windows can provide extra protection for your loved ones, which is probably not something you’ve even thought about. You apply SPF to your skin and to your kids before heading out the door every day, right? If they’re seated by a car window, they are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. A high-quality window tint can block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays, keeping your kids protected while they’re inside the car.

Let’s Get Technical

Now that we’ve determined why you want or need window tint let’s get a little more technical. What are the different types of window film? How do we choose the right shade? Let’s break it all down.

The Different Types of Window Tint

Dyed Window Film

Dyed window tint is a cost-effective option that involves applying a layer of dyed polyester film to the glass. The dye absorbs solar heat and reduces glare by absorbing light. While it is proficient in enhancing privacy and adding a sleek appearance to the vehicle, it may not be as effective in heat rejection compared to other types.

Metalized Window Film

Metalized window tint incorporates microscopic metallic particles within the film. These particles reflect sunlight away, providing efficient heat rejection and UV protection. Metalized tint is known for its durability and ability to strengthen the glass, but it can interfere with electronic signals like GPS and radio frequencies.

Carbon Window Film

Carbon window tint utilizes carbon particles to achieve its shading effect. This type of tint offers a sleek, matte appearance, excellent heat rejection, and minimal interference with electronic signals. It is a popular choice for those seeking a balance between performance, aesthetics, and signal transparency.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window tint is considered a premium option due to its advanced technology. It incorporates ceramic particles that block heat and UV rays without darkening the windows excessively. Ceramic tint provides superior clarity, high heat rejection, and doesn’t interfere with electronic signals, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize performance and optical quality. While it tends to be more expensive, the benefits often justify the investment for many car owners.

Choosing the Right Shade

Before we dive into choosing the right shade of window tint, let’s talk about VLT. VLT stands for “Visible Light Transmission,” and it refers to the percentage of visible light that can pass through a window tint.

In simpler terms, it indicates how dark or light the tint appears. For instance, if a window tint has a VLT of 50%, it means that 50% of visible light can penetrate the tint, making it relatively lighter and less restrictive. On the other hand, a tint with a VLT of 20% would allow only 20% of visible light to pass through, making it darker and providing more privacy.

Lower Percentage = Less Light = Darker Film

Now that we’ve learned what VLT means, how do we go about choosing the right VLT for our needs? Let’s go back to our needs.

If we are purely looking for aesthetics and a darker film with no real concern for heat rejection, we would probably select a dyed window film with a lower VLT percentage.

If we are looking for pure heat rejection but want to preserve the factory look of our car, we would probably select a ceramic window tint with a higher VLT percentage. Newer technology, like Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ultimate IR, is a ceramic window tint that offers incredible heat rejection, even with higher VLTs. Our 80% VLT still blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays and 95% of the infrared heat you feel.

Now, these examples cover opposite ends of the spectrum, but they give you a pretty good idea of what to ask for when you are shopping for window tint. You will look like an absolute pro!

Other Factors to Consider

Always make sure to keep your state window tint laws in mind when selecting your VLT. A quick Google search on your state laws will answer your questions and prevent getting pulled over for having too dark of a tint on your windows.

Another factor to consider when shopping for window tint is choosing a skilled installer. Choosing a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer not only ensures high-quality products but also highly-skilled installation. Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ultimate IR, the world’s first luxury window film, is only available at Elite Dealers near you.

We hope this blog serves as a guide as you embark on your window tint journey. Now you can shop around with confidence!

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