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Ceramic Pro Huntington Beach is a full service detailing auto spa that specializes in detailing, paint restoration, and paint protection. Our technicians are certified installers, that underwent rigorous educational system and training to ensure you receive the optimal outcome for your car’s detailing and paint finish.

We utilize some of the industries best techniques for cleaning and polishing your vehicle to bring it back to the day you drove it off the car lot. While your car is at our shop you can rest assured it is being pampered, since we use only ph-neutral, to mild-ph degreasers and cleansers one your interior and exterior surfaces. Some of our techniques are simple yet effective, and some are high-tech and all geared for the love of the ride, and pride of ownership. Keeping your car looking new has never been easier with a Ceramic Pro nano-ceramic coating. Made with the highest quality ingredients, and larger amounts of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) means you get the industry leader in flexibility, layer-ability, and strength. Strength in the form of scratch resistant, and strength to stand up against the sun’s ultra violet rays, and chemical resistant too. If you get the 1 layer system or up to 4 layers, all comes with a super hydrophobic top coat that will eject water and any corrosive compounds off your paint. The hydrophobic top layer means it also has a self-cleaning effect to.

Ceramic Pro Huntington Beach, you’re going to love the way your car looks after leaving our shop with a detail or nano-ceramic coating.

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Ceramic Pro is the global leader in surface protection solutions and automotive films for paint protection and window tint. In the United States, we have thousands of experienced surface protection installers whose focus is to prep and install Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA self-healing paint protection film. For interior protection and comfort, Ceramic Pro also offers the latest in window tint technology in the form of KAVACA Window Films. We work on more than cars. Ceramic Pro is used on boats, RVs, motorcycles and more. The combination of Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA automotive films represent the most effective surface protection system in the world.

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Ceramic Pro – Ceramic Coatings Huntington Beach

Ceramic Pro is the world’s leading ceramic coating. Ceramic Pro coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. This means that keeping your car looking like new for years is now not only possible, but easy to do. There is no better solution to protect surfaces such as paint, vinyl, plastic, rubber and many others.

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KAVACA Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film Huntington Beach California

Ceramic Pro offers an advanced instant-healing paint protection film. The product is KAVACA PPF. This paint protection film offers high end protection and defense against road salt, insect acids, tree sap, rock chips, scratches, swirling, marring, oxidation, premature aging and more. KAVACA is so technologically advanced that it does not need any heat to self-heal. Furthermore, KAVACA comes pre-coated with Ceramic Pro. You can even have additional layers of Ceramic Pro added after installation. The combination of Ceramic Pro + KAVACA makes for unparalleled protection and the slickest surface available today. There is simply no better way to preserve perfect paint.

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KAVACA Window Tint Film Huntington Beach

Ceramic Pro offers the most advanced window films available today in the form of KAVACA Window Tint Films. We offer KAVACA Ceramic IR for the car owner looking for the ultimate in heat and UV filtration in even the lightest of tint shades. For those looking for the best balance between performance, longevity and good looks, we offer KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window film. Whichever you choose, KAVACA is at the forefront of modern window film technology.

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Ceramic Pro in Huntington Beach, California

Ceramic Pro offers the most complete surface protection system in the world. Our ceramic coatings coupled with KAVACA paint protection films and KAVACA window films offer a complete system for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Our products and services are packed with the very latest in nano-technology. Are you ready to try the best surface protection and automotive film system in the world?