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Ceramic Pro San Rafael – Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, and Window Films

Ceramic Pro San Rafael is a flagship member of our exclusive Elite Dealer program. These elevated auto spas offer the ultimate automotive protection experience – exclusively installing Ceramic Pro’s line of professional ceramic coatings, window tint, and paint protection film. We also offer eco-friendly custom detailing services for your Tesla, Dodge, BMW, Toyota, or any other car, truck, SUV, or watercraft.

Since our inception, we’ve protected cars, trucks, SUVs, commercial equipment, boats, watercraft, and off-road vehicles. Our team serves residents of San Rafael, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon, Novato & other cities in Marin County. And with every customer interaction, we strive to exceed your expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about our ceramic coatings, paint protection film, or window tint – or receive a free quote for these and other detailing services offered at Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael, click the button below.

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The Ceramic Pro San Rafael Elite Dealer Experience

At Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael, we only utilize the best products available on the market for an upscale and professional automotive detailing experience. Our team has been factory trained by Ceramic Pro to use correct preparation, installation, and aftercare techniques for ceramic coatings, PPF, and window film.

We offer Ceramic Pro 9H protection coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film (PPF or clear bra), and a wide range of Ceramic Window Tint in several VLTs or colors at our San Rafael Elite Dealer. We’re also factory-trained in paint correction, which removes paint flaws such as swirl marks, minor scratches, and roughness so the surface is ready for professional coating installation.

Our expert Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael staff is here to help you get the most out of your car care. Our showroom is spotless, well-organized, and professional, while our polite sales staff will assist you through the many Ceramic Pro coating, PPF, and window tint choices.

If you have any questions about the professional protective services offered at Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

What is a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer?

Ceramic Pro is a worldwide leader in ceramic-based vehicle care and detailing products, with the Elite Dealer program being their most recent innovation. In 2021, Ceramic Pro introduced the exclusive Elite Dealer program, which rewards elevated auto salons offering customers premium protection. Elite Dealers must undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training process to ensure consistency with preparation, installation, and aftercare for all Ceramic Pro protective solutions.

In addition, all Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers are required to have a presentable and professional appearance, as well as a welcoming facility. Our customer service team provides the best experience possible.

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers provide customers with high-quality Ceramic Pro coatings, PPF, and window tint. This level of quality control is unrivaled in the automotive industry and provides customers with consistent prep work, installation, and aftercare. It also simplifies the buying process by sticking with an experienced manufacturer with a sterling reputation.

With training and maintaining a high-quality atmosphere, however, the quality does not stop there. Americana Global detailing chemicals are also utilized by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers – created specifically for Ceramic Pro solutions. They provide onsite cleaning services and annual inspections and may also sell you the recommended Americana Global aftercare items for your vehicle’s Ceramic Pro package.

If you’re ready to begin your Elite Dealer experience in San Rafael, click the button below to request a free quote.

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Ceramic Pro Coatings

Ceramic Pro San Rafael Elite Dealer offers the complete line of Ceramic Pro professional nano-ceramic coatings. Ceramic Pro has proprietary nano-ceramic coating formulas for every surface on your vehicle. These include surfaces on the exterior and interior of your car, truck or SUV.

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KAVACA Paint Protection Films

As a full service Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, Ceramic Pro San Rafael is a factory-trained installer of KAVACA Paint Protection Films. KAVACA PPF includes our flagship KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF and KAVACA Matte Finish PPF. Our films offer unparalleled protection for your paint in both gloss and matte.

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KAVACA Window Films

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer San Rafael installs KAVACA Advanced Window Films. KAVACA Window Films offer supreme IR filtering at any tint percentage level. The available lineup is vast, including many tint percentages, filtering levels and tint tones.

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The Facts About Ceramic Coatings, PPF, and Window Tint in San Rafael

Automotive Detailing Service in San Rafael, California

When your average temperatures can range from near zero near triple-digits, you need to have the best automotive protective solutions applied to your vehicles and outdoor equipment. This is especially true for those living in San Rafael, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon, Novato & other cities in Marin County.

Acid rain, mag chloride, and saltwater are all factors that can harm our cars. Our vehicles constantly expose UV radiation, bird droppings, and other natural elements that can cause oxidation, corrosion, and rust. Many Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael customers choose ceramic coatings or paint protection films to protect their automobiles.

Our Ceramic Pro 9H coatings are designed for a wide range of materials, including clear coat on automobile paint, gel coats on boats, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, vinyl and PPF wheels & calipers, automobile glass, and interior items ranging from Alcantara leather to polymers.

We also provide two paint protection films: KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF and KAVACA Matte Finish PPF. Both are coated with nanotechnology on the adhesive layer, allowing them to fill tiny paint flaws during installation. It shields your Tesla, Dodge Truck, Challenger or Hellcat, BMW or RV from road debris damage, environmental harm, and natural poisons while maintaining a high level of transparency for excellent clarity.

But what about your interior? The UV rays that burn through clouds amplified at higher altitudes can cause havoc to your dashboard, plastics, leather, and skin. The Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael experience is capped off by installing KAVACA Ceramic Window Tint to your daily driver’s or collectible car’s glass.

Finally – once you’ve had Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael install a coating, PPF, or window tint package, you can easily schedule your annual inspections. They’ll provide you with all required information to submit your warranty and the right maintenance tips to ensure your coatings and films hold up over time.

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The Ultimate Automotive Protection Solution – Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael

Ceramic Pro Elite San Rafael is your one-stop shop to protect your car, truck, SUV, boat, watercraft, RV, or off-road vehicle. We’re dedicated to surpassing your expectations – by providing a clean, welcoming, and inclusive environment staffed by a team of expert detailers in San Rafael who will genuinely care for your vehicle.

Contact the Ceramic Pro San Rafael team whether you’re looking to protect your Porsche, Tesla, lake boats, watercraft, truck, SUV, or other vehicles with ceramic coating, paint protection film, ceramic window tint, or all three products today. We look forward to serving you.

Get a free quote today. Click or tap on the “Get a Free Quote” button, fill out the form and submit. A knowledgeable Ceramic Pro representative will get back to you shortly with a free quote for your vehicle and specific needs.

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Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA PPF and Window Tint in San Rafael, California.

Ceramic Pro offers the most complete surface protection system in the world. Our products and services are packed with the very latest in nano-technology. The performance of each coating and film speaks for itself. Are you ready to try the best surface protection system in the world?


What makes a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer special?

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer represents the pinnacle of surface protection service. Elite Dealers are required to pass a rigorous factory-training program in order to ensure above-average skills in the installation of Ceramic Pro and KAVACA products. This means Elite Dealer staff are expected to offer Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA PPF and KAVACA Window Film installation services that exceed the expectations normal to most installers.

Additionally, Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers carry every Ceramic Pro and KAVACA product. This makes it so the customer can enjoy a single-source solution for the protection of their entire vehicle as well as the prep required to achieve this. All detailing and paint correction prep is done with Americana Global professional detailing products. All this contributes to consistency and great results seldom possible without such strict guidelines on quality and performance-based results.

Finally, the focus on the customer’s experience is paramount. Elite Dealers are required to offer certain shop amenities not available from many installers. The entire experience, from arrival to departure with a finished vehicle is catered to provide a pleasurable experience and exude confidence.

Elite Dealer Benefits

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    Top-Tier Service
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    Factory-Trained Installers
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    Full Ceramic Pro Product Lineup
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    Full KAVACA Films Product Lineup
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    Detailing With Americana Global Products
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    Elite Customer Experience
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