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Ceramic Window Tint in Santa Rosa, California – Ceramic Pro Elite Santa Rosa, California

In Sonoma County, where sunny days are frequent, the choice of window tinting becomes not only an aesthetic decision but a practical one as well. Ceramic window tint stands out as the optimal choice for those seeking the best in interior protection and passenger comfort.

At Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County, we exclusively offer Ceramic Pro KAVACA window films, setting a new standard for premium window tinting solutions. Ceramic Pro KAVACA window films leverage advanced ceramic technology to provide superior heat rejection and UV protection.

Sonoma County’s ample sunshine can take a toll on your vehicle’s interior, causing upholstery to fade and heat to accumulate. The ceramic composition of KAVACA window films ensures optimal heat insulation, making your driving experience more comfortable and preserving the interior aesthetics of your vehicle.

When you choose Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County for ceramic window tint installation, you’re opting for the highest quality in both product and craftsmanship. Fill out our form and a member of our team will be in touch!

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What Makes Ceramic Pro Window Tint Unique?

At Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County, we proudly offer KAVACA window films, and among them, the KAVACA Ultimate IR stands as the world’s first luxury ceramic window film, setting a new standard in the industry. What sets KAVACA apart is its unique blend of cutting-edge technology and luxury, making it the unrivaled choice for those seeking the pinnacle of performance in window tinting.

What makes Ceramic Pro KAVACA window tint unique is its utilization of advanced ceramic nano-particles in its construction. This revolutionary technology not only provides exceptional heat rejection but also ensures optimal clarity, allowing you to maintain your OEM look if needed.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA window films outperform all other window films on the market, offering unparalleled heat rejection, UV protection, and clarity. KAVACA Ultimate IR, with its luxurious appeal and groundbreaking technology, transforms the driving experience, providing a cooler, more comfortable interior while preserving the sophisticated look of your vehicle’s windows.

We also offer two other films, Ceramic IR and Carbon X – both are incredibly capable films. The choice depends on your personal preferences and budget. Fill out our form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint is the most advanced automotive window film ever created. Utilizing our proprietary nano ceramic technology, we’ve been able to create window tint film that blocks up to 96% of infrared heat – giving you the ultimate indoor cabin experience. Our window films also provide superior protection against cancer causing UV rays, keeping you and your passengers safer.

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KAVACA Carbon CS Window Film

KAVACA Window Films were formulated with extensive research for look and performance. KAVACA Carbon Color Stable Window Film follows this same design approach with proprietary blend of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials, which results in blocking up to 70% infrared heat. Not only does our film reduce the heat inside your vehicle, it also offers SPF500 which blocks 99%+ of the damaging UV rays.

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KAVACA Window Films Santa Rosa

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Santa Rosa California installs KAVACA Advanced Window Films. KAVACA Window Films offer supreme IR filtering at any tint percentage level. The available lineup is vast, including many tint percentages, filtering levels and tint tones.


Living in the picturesque surroundings of Sonoma County brings with it the joy of scenic drives and abundant sunshine, making Ceramic Pro KAVACA window tint a necessity for residents seeking the highest standard of protection and comfort.

Sonoma County’s sunny climate can often translate into increased heat within vehicles, exposing passengers and interiors to the sun’s harsh rays. Here’s where the unique benefits of Ceramic Pro KAVACA window tint become essential.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA’s advanced ceramic technology sets it apart as the ultimate solution for Sonoma County residents. The region’s ample sunshine and warm temperatures make it crucial to invest in window tint that not only enhances comfort but also provides superior heat rejection.

KAVACA window tint excels in this regard, offering remarkable infrared (IR) rejection capabilities that significantly reduce heat buildup within the vehicle. This not only creates a more pleasant driving experience but also ensures that your vehicle’s interior remains cool and protected against the sun’s intensity.

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Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County stands as the epitome of automotive care and expertise, offering an exclusive Elite Dealer experience that sets us apart as the go-to destination for ceramic window tint installation. As an Elite Dealer, we take pride in representing the pinnacle of Ceramic Pro’s trusted network, showcasing our commitment to excellence in both product quality and service delivery.

The Elite Dealer experience at Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County goes beyond standard offerings, providing our customers with an unparalleled level of expertise in ceramic window tint installation. Our skilled technicians, trained to the exacting standards of an Elite Dealer, bring precision and mastery to every installation, ensuring a flawless application that enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle’s windows.

Choosing Ceramic Pro Elite Sonoma County means choosing an experience that combines passion, expertise, and exclusivity. Fill out our form for a free quote today!


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KAVACA Advanced Window Tint Installation in Santa Rosa, California.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA offers the most advanced window films in the the world. Using the latest in nano-technology we offer window tint films that are infused with either nano-ceramic or nano-carbon particles to offer the most effective IR and UV filtration available today.

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