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What is the Best Product for Car Interior Protection?

Today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are extremely flexible to configure. You can opt for specific trims, special editions, and even customized colors. One of the most important items to select is your interior protection. Whether you select leatherette, cloth, or fine Corinthian Leather (bonus point if you get that reference), protecting the interior from stains or damage is crucial for upkeep, and to protect your investment.

However, one of the hardest to protect interior materials is plastic, which you’ll find throughout the inside of most modern vehicles. Luckily, Ceramic Pro has multiple options for car interior protection, including Ceramic Pro Plastic, a unique coating for plastic and rubber surfaces suitable for both interior and exterior use.

There are several great products available through Ceramic Pro that can protect the inside of your ride. They are applied by our certified team of auto salons, to ensure perfect bonding, superior results, and longer-lasting results.

Let’s explore some of the best products for car interior protection.

What is Important in Choosing the Best Interior Protection Products

Anytime you’re looking for the best of anything, there are certain items to factor. This applies to interior protection products applied by yourself or a professional detailer.

Cost vs Price: It’s always assumed that if price is not an objective, everybody would purchase the most expensive option. That’s not always the case. Sometimes a lower priced interior protection product is better at accomplishing a specific task. The main item to factor is the cost of the product. This includes the price of raw materials, time needed to apply, to maintain and reapply, and upkeep. It’s important to weight the cost of any interior protection solution.

Ease of Application: The feeling you get after detailing your car is one of appreciation. However, let’s be honest, spending hours on upkeep is not for every car owner. Most of us look for quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective ways of accomplishing any project. So, when you’re looking for interior protective products, consider how easy they are to apply and more importantly, are you willing to invest the time to do it correctly.

Longevity: Many spray-on interior detailers have a shelf life (or expected longevity) of less than a few months. When you add up how much you’ll spend per application, it’s longevity, and the frequency needed to maintain an optimal appearance and protection, you’ll come up with the true cost of application. Always factor this when choosing any interior protection product.

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How Much does it Cost to Clean the Inside of a Car? 

The next item to factor is the cost of detailing your ride. Taking your car to an auto salon is a great way to ensure your car is detailed by an experienced technician. And the costs are a lot cheaper than you’d think – especially when you factor or consider the items mentioned above.

Car detailing prices vary depending on several factors, mainly the type of package you select and the size of your vehicle. A basic package for a smaller sized vehicle will be generally less expensive but you can always add on additional upgraded services. Naturally, you should expect to pay more for higher quality services.

Basic car detailing services should include a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning. This could cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the size of your vehicle. If you want to focus more on the interior, a steam cleaning or the interior or carpet shampoo that would run you around $75. A cleaning of your leather upholstery averages around $50.

The bottom line, its important to weigh all the cost and convenient factors when determining which method of interior detailing is best for you. You’ll find that working with an experienced and professional auto salon comes with multiple benefits, including receiving volume or package discounts for monthly visits.

How Can you Protect Plastics with Ceramic Pro Products?

Plastic and rubber surfaces coated with Ceramic Pro Plastic will feature a super hydrophobic effect with excellent wear resistance. The coating will add a slight sheen to the surface making it a great permanent finish for both exterior and interior plastics no matter if they are new or need a little TLC.

Ceramic Pro Plastic Features:

  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Hydrophobic effect
  • UV resistance
  • Wear resistance

Ceramic Pro Leather

Another option for interior car protection is Ceramic Pro Leather. It will preserve the factory look and feel as it slows down the aging process. The coating will prevent contaminants from staining the substrate.

Ceramic Pro Leather Features:

  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Super hydrophobic effect
  • Superior wear resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Keeps leather soft
  • Preserves factory look and feel

You spend a lot of time inside your vehicle and interior coatings defend surfaces from spills and stains because of the hydrophobic barrier it creates. When liquid comes in contact it will bead up and slide off. Interior coatings will protect from abrasions.

That natural wear and tear process can be slowed down with interior coating. Interior coating blocks harmful UV rays, which is another threat to your car’s interior. Ceramic Pro Plastic and Leather will make your surfaces easy to clean. The hydrophobic barrier makes it difficult for grime to bond.

How can I Protect my Cloth Car Seats?

The best product you can use to protect your cloth car seats is Ceramic Pro Textile. Ceramic Pro Textile is a reliable inorganic compound. It modifies the surface of real textile or suede so that when liquids come in contact, they will bead up and roll off keeping the textile completely dry. For synthetic fabrics use 9H, Top Coat or Ceramic Pro Strong.

What is the Best Product to Protect Convertible Tops?

Convertibles are fun to drive and pleasing to the eye. But unlink coupes or sedans, convertibles require a little extra care because of their delicate convertible top material, whether it be fabric or vinyl. The longevity of your convertible top depends on regular maintenance and protection. The first step is to determine whether your convertible top is fabric or vinyl.

Once you do that, your next step is to find which Ceramic Pro product you need to maintain it. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl was designed as a protective coating for polyurethane film and vinyl. It protects from contamination and weathering resulting in film that is much easier to clean. This makes it the perfect product to protect a vinyl convertible top.

If your convertible top is fabric, Ceramic Pro Textile is a great product. Ceramic Pro Textile is a reliable inorganic compound that modifies the surface of real textile or suede so that liquids bead up and roll off.

What’s the Bottom Line on Interior Detailing?

It’s estimated that the average car owner keeps their new vehicle for 4 years, before it’s traded in for an upgrade. Since the quality of the interior and exterior of your vehicle is a critical factor in determining the trade allowance, keeping it in top shape is simply a smart financial investment.

Even if you’re expecting to keep your ride for a while, using the most effective, high-quality interior protection product simply makes sense. If you’d like to learn more about Ceramic Pro’s line of exceptional and affordable interior protection products, click the link below to receive a free estimate.

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