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  • The Tesla Cybertruck comes with privacy glass on the rear windows and clear glass on the front windows –  but there is absolutely no difference in heat rejection between the two.
  • If you are looking to tint your Cybertruck, or any vehicle for that matter, you need to consider the infrared rays, visible light, and UV rays.
  • KAVACA Ultimate IR Ceramic Tint is the World’s First Luxury Ceramic Window Film utilizing advanced nano-ceramic technology to block up to 99% of all Infrared Radiation aka the heat you can feel.
  • Ultimate IR ranges from 5%-80% VLT providing you with the option to fully customize your vehicle.

The Tesla Cybertruck is clearly a unique vehicle,  unlike anything we’ve ever seen before (except maybe in movies). We were curious about any quirks about the car or any potential differences in the tint installation process, so we reached out to our Elite Dealer in Costa Mesa – Joab Flores, owner of Platinum Plus Detailing – in order to get some more info.

Here’s a Q&A with Shop Owner Joab Flores About His Experience with the Tesla Cybertruck

Hey Joab, where are you located, tell us about your shop.

We are located in Costa Mesa, Ca We have been in business since 2006. We are Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Costa Mesa. We offer ceramic coatings, PPF & window tint.

The cyber truck is officially out. What do you think customers will want done to them the most, as time goes on?

Yes it is, there is definitely going to be a lot of customizing done to them as there is no color option for it.

What was your first impression of the cyber truck when you first saw it at your shop?

That it looked bigger than I imagined it to be in person. It’s probably a little bigger than a Ford F-150.

Is there something quirky about the truck that you noticed while working on the Cyber truck?

I was actually surprised at how many little rust spots the stainless steel panels had on them already. My client had barely picked it up from Tesla when he brought it to me. Fingers prints are also going to be a nightmare on it.

What product did you install on this truck?

We installed 5% Kavaca Ceramic IR window tint on it.

The importance of tint rises more and more with how delicate interior materials are, and with people becoming more educated about the benefits of tint. What type of window tint do you usually recommend to your customers?

I always recommend Kavaca Ultimate IR or Kavaca Ceramic IR.

How will a good quality tint benefit this truck?

The most important thing is that it will keep the internal temperature of the truck cool inside while also benefiting the trucks range as the AC will not have to work very to hard to maintain temperature inside the truck.

Is the Cyber truck particularly difficult to tint, or is it easy?

For me it was easy, I learned to tint by hand cutting so I was able to do that. There is currently no patterns available for the Cybertruck yet so for the guys that don’t k on how to hand cut, it may be difficult until patterns are out for it.

Does the shape of the cyber truck affect the installation of protective products?

Not at all. The front windshield is big and it can be difficult handling a piece of film that big.

What do you think the most vulnerable area of the Cyber truck is?

It definitely will be the stainless steel panels. As I mentioned earlier rust, finger prints will be an issue that will need to be addressed on a Cybertruck.

If you owned a Cyber truck today, what would be the first thing that you protect on it?

It’s always going to be tint for me as I hate driving on what would feel like a fishbowl without it.

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