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Ceramic coating is still a relatively new trend in the car world, but it has become more popular over the last few years thanks to the number of benefits it offers. From retaining the protection of a wheel’s finish and making the wheel easier to clean, ceramic coating is often touted as the way to protect your wheels. 

Ceramic coating is the next big thing in wheel care, and it’s easy to see why. Once considered the exclusive domain of the race car industry, ceramic coating is now becoming a common choice for many automotive enthusiasts and consumers looking for a better way to protect their investment. It is an eco-friendly process that makes your car’s rims look shiny and new while protecting them from UV rays and corrosion. 

Should I Ceramic Coat My Wheels & Calipers?

 The simple answer is YES! We’ll go into much more detail in the following.

You may have heard of ceramic coatings for wheels, but are you sure you know what they are? Ceramic coatings are a lot like waxes/ synthetic polymers in that they are used to give your new wheels a smooth, glossy finish. But while waxes are applied to the surface of the wheels, ceramic coatings integrate themselves by bonding the protective solution to the wheels themselves. In essence, the ceramic coating permanently becomes part of the wheels, filling in micropores that trap corrosive debris. 

Ceramic coating is a great way to protect your wheels from harmful road contaminants like water, salt, and dirt, which can cause damage to your car’s wheels. One essential thing about spending hours and hours cleaning your wheels is that you want to ensure they are properly protected and that protection also lasts. A lot of the time, with consumer-grade DIY ceramic coatings, the finish is subpar and only lasts for a short duration. In comparison, Ceramic Pro Wheel and Tire is a coating specifically designed to reject brake dust and protect your wheels from harmful contaminants on the road. 

How To Ceramic Coat Wheels

There are a few steps before you can apply the ceramic coating directly to the surface of the wheels. If they have not been clean and decontaminated, the first step is to give the wheels a go car wash to remove all the brake dust particles and the grime. 

The ceramic coating process is dependent on the existing conditions of your wheels and calipers. Black wheels are usually harder to clean because the color allows all the visible imperfections to be seen. Making sure the wheel finishes are as good as possible is a priority because the nano-ceramic coating will act as a clear coat and seat imperfection and debris on the wheels permanently. Sometimes with harsher imperfections, a paint correction is recommended. 

Step 1: Use a pressure washer or hose to first rinse the residual dirt and grime on the wheels.

Step 2: Apply an iron remover and wheel cleaner to break down brake dust, road salts, road contaminants, etc. off the wheels. This decontamination process chemically breaks down the debris on the wheels & caliper to ensure a less abrasive solution to wheel cleaning. 

Step 3: Use a car shampoo to agitate and remove all the leftover contaminants off the surface of the wheel.

Step 4: Rinse and wipe dry with a  microfiber towel. You can also try buffing out any imperfection during this process as well. At this point, the surface of the wheel should be free of any road grimes or dust from your brake calipers. 

How To Clean Your Newly Protected Wheels

With Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, it’s as easy as it gets when it comes to cleaning your wheels. It’s ceramic wheel coating that is designed for your car’s rims.

Ceramic coatings for wheels increase the durability and slickness of a wheel, which allows it to maintain a clean, shiny appearance. They also decrease the amount of brake dust left on the surface of the wheels and calipers, reducing the time spent cleaning and a longer-lasting finish on your wheels. 

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic coatings have been a growing topic over the year, so a common question people always seem to ask is how long does a ceramic coating last? Typically, a ceramic coating can last up to 2-5 years. With that being said, how you maintain your coating is also a significant factor in the longevity of your coating. With Ceramic Pro, we have packages that not only have lifetime warranties, but a CARFAX verification that allows you to track and protect the value of your car.

Never worry about the harmful debris of the roads again. With Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper, you know you have the best wheel protection on the market! Ceramic Pro is also the industry leader in ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window film. Upgrade your car care today by signing up for a free quote below.

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