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Ceramic Pro Coatings Elite Dealer in Toledo, Ohio.

If you have been searching high and low for the best ‘ceramic coating near me,’ welcome to Ceramic Pro Elite Toledo. A ceramic coating is the best way to keep your car consistently clean, low maintenance, and protected – especially with our weather conditions in Ohio.

In Toledo, we experience consistent humidity with moderate temperatures and occasional rain. Constant exposure to this weather can leave your paint exposed to harsh UV rays and other damaging elements. Ceramic coatings act as a shield by blocking harmful UV rays throughout all seasons. They also help maintain the car’s paint and provide added shine.

Repel water and other contaminants, making cleaning and maintaining your vehicle incredibly easy! With the hydrophobic effect, water spots and dull paint are a thing of the past.

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What is a Ceramic Coating?

Our team at Ceramic Pro Toledo is here to answer all of your questions. What exactly is a ceramic coating? Ceramic coatings are a paint protection method that is a far more durable alternative to traditional wax. In simple terms, a ceramic coating is like a special protective layer or shield for your car’s paint. It’s made of tiny particles of ceramic, which is a strong and durable material. When you apply the ceramic coating to your car, it creates a transparent, invisible barrier that helps protect the paint from things like scratches, UV rays, dirt, and water.

Ceramic Pro coatings make your car’s surface smoother, which means dirt and grime have a harder time sticking to it. It also gives your car a shiny and glossy look, making it appear cleaner and more attractive. We also have engineered coatings for your glass, interior, and wheels.

A ceramic coating will give your paint the gloss and shine it deserves while providing protective properties. To ensure optimal application and longevity, the first step of each ceramic coating package includes some level of paint correction, depending on the initial condition of your paint. We do this to ensure your paint is in the best possible condition. The main goal is to seal in the results of a paint correction with a coating so that it will shine for years to come. Ceramic Pro coatings give your paint the depth it is meant to have.

At Ceramic Pro Toledo, we offer a variety of packages that best suit you and your needs. We even offer an Elite Dealer exclusive, Ceramic Pro ION. This coating can only be found at Elite Dealers nationwide.

Ceramic Pro 9H Ceramic Coating Bottle


Lifetime Warranty

The Gold Package consists of 4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H applied to the vehicle’s paint, providing permanent protection with a lifetime warranty. An additional layer of protection is added to exposed areas including windshield and wheels.


  • 4 Layers of 9H
  • 1 Layer of Top Coat
  • 1 Layer of 9H on plastics
  • 1 Layer of Wheel & Caliper on wheel faces
  • 1 Layer of Glass on windshield


5 Year Warranty

The Silver Package includes 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H applied over the vehicle’s paint, providing protection from the elements and a 5 year warranty. An additional protective layer is added to other areas including windshield and wheels.


  • 1 Layer of 9H
  • 1 Layer of Top Coat
  • 1 Layer of 9H on plastics
  • 1 Layer of Wheel & Caliper on wheel faces
  • 1 Layer of Glass on windshield


2 Year Warranty

The Bronze Package consists of 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat applied over the vehicle’s paint. This coating protects against light scratching and provides a beautiful glossy finish with a 2 year warranty. An additional protective layer is added to other areas including windshield and wheels.


  • 1 Layer of Top Coat
  • 1 Layer of Top Coat on plastics and wheels
  • 1 Layer of Top Coat on plastics
  • 1 Layer of Glass on windshield
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Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Toledo installs the entire lineup of Ceramic Pro coatings. This includes various coatings packages and formulas created for different surfaces. We have permanent coating solutions for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.


The weather in Toledo makes car detailing a daunting task. The idea of constantly maintaining your car with the weather we experience continuously does not sound like fun to us either. With the right Ceramic Pro package for your vehicle, constant maintenance is a thing of the past.

Protecting your paint is essential to preserving your car’s appearance and value. The goal is to keep your vehicle looking as good as it did on the day you purchased it, or in some cases, even better than it did the day you bought it. The constant sun exposure and humid air leave your car susceptible to oxidation, corrosion, and rust.

If you have just recently purchased a new Corvette, Tesla, Porsche, or Bronco, you will want to protect it for the future. Just because your car is new does not mean your paint is perfect. Your vehicle goes through a lot during transport. Please fill out our form for a Free Quote today!

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Ceramic Pro Nano-Ceramic Coatings Installation in Toledo, Ohio

A Ceramic Pro Nano-Ceramic Coating is a permanent protective shield for your vehicle’s paint which is substantially harder than your paint’s clear coat. The coating separates your paint from exterior contaminants and its hydrophobic qualities repel water helping to keep the surface of your vehicle clean. We offer various Ceramic Pro formulas to coat paint, carbon fiber, textiles, leather, glass, plastics, and more.

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