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It’s 2023, and the automotive restyling industry is booming.

The demand for high-quality car detailing services has greatly increased due to the rise in ownership of electric cars, luxury SUVs, and sports coupes. These services include the installation of top-grade paint protection film, ceramic coatings, and high-end luxury window tint, all with lifetime warranties and excellent customer support.

We have created Elite Dealer, a network of over 150 high-end car salons that solely apply Ceramic Pro Next Generation ION coatings and KAVACA Performance Films on various vehicles such as Teslas, BMWs, Jeeps, full-size pickups, and hypercars.

The Elite Dealer Experience offers excellent customer service and a convenient one-stop shop for all your automotive detailing and protection needs. Additionally, they provide great value, which helps you save time and money in both the short and long run.

So, let’s introduce the top 5 benefits of choosing Elite Dealers as your luxury detailing service near you.

Reason #1: The One-Stop-Shop Experience

If you want to protect and improve the look and comfort of your new vehicle, consider investing in enhancements for both the exterior and interior.

To protect your vehicle, you should consider installing paint protection film on areas that are likely to get hit, using ceramic coatings on other parts of the exterior, and adding heat-rejecting ceramic window film.

However, keep in mind that you may need to visit multiple shops to find one that offers all these services, including a detailing shop for premium window tint installation, a PPF specialist, and a ceramic coating expert.

Researching, interviewing shops, and taking your vehicle to multiple locations take up a lot of your valuable time. Additionally, you’ll probably have to pay a higher price for their expertise.

Elite Dealers were designed to eliminate this all-too-common problem.

Each Elite Dealer is hand-selected by Ceramic Pro America’s leadership team for their expertise in ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window film installation experience.

They are factory trained on new technologies and techniques to ensure each installation job is completed with precision, accuracy, and a dedication to quality.

By booking all your services through a single appointment with a single provider, you will save time without compromising quality.

Reason #2: Documented Carfax Verified Warranties

Back in 2018, Ceramic Pro changed the landscape of the aftermarket vehicle protection world by working with Carfax to create the Appearance Protection Service reporting tool.

Like other Carfax reports, this one focuses on automotive restyling and improvement services and documents paint protection film, ceramic coating, and window tint installation by certified Ceramic Pro shops.

The services are linked and attached to the vehicle’s identification number, or VIN.

Since most Elite Dealer service offerings come with manufactured-backed warranties, many of them for the lifetime of the vehicle, it’s important to ensure that this warranty can be transferred to future owners if you decide to sell the vehicle.

The good news is that by having the warranty attached to your VIN, it will be displayed in the Carfax history report.

Not only does this ensure that your future car owner can continue to reap the benefits of Ceramic Pro protection, but your resale value will also increase.

In fact, many vehicle owners can return the initial investment in the Ceramic Pro package when they sell the vehicle on the private market.

Reason #3: Less Potential for Cosmetic Damage

KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is one of the best exterior protection solutions ever made.

Not only will it block road debris from causing rock chips on your hood, front bumper, and other areas where it’s installed, but the infused ceramic coating on the top surface protects the factory paint from environmental damage.

Installing PPF on these high-strike areas significantly reduces the possibility of scratches, paint chips, and other cosmetic damage that requires pricey aftermarket paint jobs to fix.

And since aftermarket paint jobs tend to decrease your vehicle’s resale and trade-in value, investing in PPF is a great way to save money down the road.

Reason #4: The Ultimate Armor Package

While paint protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle from road debris and surface damage, installing it on every painted exterior component on your vehicle can get expensive and, quite frankly, is a bit of overkill in some situations.

Because of this, we developed the Ultimate Armor Package, the first comprehensive exterior protection package with a lifetime warranty.

Ultimate Armor protects all your car’s outside surfaces by covering the front or high-strike areas with KAVACA Paint Protection Film and coating the rest with a lifetime nano-ceramic coating.

The results?

An unbeatable layer of defense that preserves the finish of your investment for years to come.

This Ceramic Pro lifetime package protects against scratches, road debris, rock chips, oxidation, stains, and fading. Once Certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers have installed it, the warranty is attached to the vehicle’s VIN and documented on its Carfax Vehicle History report.

Plus, the cost of the Ultimate Armor Package is thousands less than full PPF and ceramic coatings on the entire vehicle. And since Ultimate Armor is only available through Elite Dealers, your savings keep adding up.

Reason #5: Improved Fuel Economy and Battery Range

Whether you have a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle, a hybrid, or an EV, the biggest source of energy consumption is the continual operation of heating and air conditioning systems.

But what if you could find a way to keep the interior of your vehicle at a more consistent and comfortable temperature?

Fortunately, Elite Dealers offer the energy-saving solution you’re looking for—KAVACA Ultimate IR Luxury Window Film.

KAVACA Ultimate IR contains a proprietary blend of nanoceramic particles and IR-blocking materials that blocks up to 99% of the infrared heat that increases the temperature of your interior during the warmer seasons.

However, it also keeps warmth inside the cabin when it’s colder outside.

This action reduces the need to constantly operate your heater or AC system. The direct result is less fuel consumption and a longer battery range for EVs, which saves you money on gas and those annoying emergency battery recharging sessions away from home.

And unlike other heat-rejecting films on the market made from metalized or crystalline materials, this nanoceramic window film does not impact cell or satellite signals.

And once more, Elite Dealers are the only ones who provide Ultimate IR.

Wrapping It Up

The fact of the matter is that today’s luxury car, truck, SUV, or EV owner should expect a premium level of service from their local detailing service.

But they should also be able to trust a single service provider for elevated aftermarket protection services, such as the best coatings and performance films on the market.

The Ceramic Pro Americas Elite Dealer initiative was created to provide vehicle owners with an elevated one-stop, upscale local automotive detailing and protection service. And if time is money, Elite Dealers are built to cater to you.

If you’re in the market for paint protection film, next-generation ION coatings, or luxury window film, click the button below to find an Elite Dealer and request a free quote for our exclusive automotive restyling services.

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