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Car owners tend to place a lot of emphasis on protecting their car’s paint and keeping their tires looking sharp. But what about the windshields and windows? This brings up one of the most asked questions of new car owners – Can I ceramic coat glass?

The simple answer is – YES, it is possible to have ceramic coatings applied to glass. While there are several DIY coatings that claim to ‘work’ on automotive glass, their performance, longevity, and some annoying side-effects can guide new car owners to seek professional-grade coatings – formulated specifically for automotive glass.

So – if you’d like to discover the benefits of having a Ceramic Pro certified installer apply coatings for automotive glass – this article is for you.

What are Ceramic Glass Coatings?

While most people use DIY ceramic coating to protect their car’s paint, it really can be applied anywhere – including the wheels, vinyl wraps, fiberglass, PPF, and glass.

The problem is – the surface of automotive glass is much different than clear coats on today’s modern paint jobs. For one, glass is stronger, and harder for most coatings to bond correctly.

So, if you use these all-in-one coatings on glass, you’ll introduce several common issues including windshield wiper chattering, blurry vision, and permanent streak marks.

This can be due to multiple reasons – but in the end – it’s the risk you’ll take when you deal with these DIY coatings that are either not formulated specifically for automotive glass – or are difficult to prep and apply for the average user.

Professional ceramic coatings are typically formulated specifically for individual materials – meaning a nano coating just for plastics, one for leather, one for clear coat and paint, another for vinyl wraps or PPF, and yes – a specific formula for glass.

Glass ceramic coatings contain proprietary ingredients that permit the coating to fill those microscopic imperfections in automotive glass, while leaving an ultra-flat and smooth surface. This helps to significantly improve hydrophobic properties – without causing the common windshield wiper chattering issues.

Benefits of Applying Ceramic Coating to Your Car’s Glass

DIY coatings or ceramic coatings that are not specifically designed for automotive glass simply don’t work as advertised. So, if you want to improve visibility during rain and snow storms, make it harder for bugs to stick, and improve visibility – having a professional ceramic coating for glass installed by an expert is the logical choice.

Here are five benefits for having a Ceramic Pro certified installer take care of this specialized project for you.

Improved Visibility

During poor weather such as fog, cloudiness, or a rainstorm, it becomes difficult to see through your front windshield, rear windshield, and side windows. This is especially the case when it is raining, as the water blocks your view completely until the windshield wipers get activated.

Ceramic coating being hydrophobic means it provides a flat, smooth surface that is resistant to water. This means that when it is raining outside, the water will not stick to the glass itself as easily which will make it much easier for you to see outside of your vehicle, which will make you much safer, as improved visibility will help you avoid potential accidents.

Easier Cleaning

With a ceramic coating on your car’s glass, contaminants that are usually difficult to remove such as bug splatters, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. wipe off much easier. This is most helpful if you drive a commercial truck or frequently go on long road trips since your windshield will stay clean much longer and when it does get dirty, will be easier to clean.

Harder for Ice to Stick

If you live in cold weather climates – this one is for you. When a ceramic coating is applied to any surface, it makes it difficult for items to stick. This includes snow and ice.

Removing snow from a ceramic coated windshield is much easier than one without. In fact, sometimes all you need is a clean microfiber towel to take care of this.

Enhanced Clarity

During times of day when there is little light and/or fog and cloudiness, having crystal clear windows and windshields will always beat having reduced visibility caused by inferior products.

When properly applied, you can expect a ceramic coating to leave behind no residue, film, or anything else that can negatively affect visibility.

Ceramic coating is also UV resistant, which helps in terms of clarity since there is less glare from the sun that can mess with your view. This anti-glare is also helpful when driving at night to protect against the headlights from other cars.


After curing, a ceramic coating provides an extremely durable and strong protective shell that is scratch-resistant and can last up to 5 years when properly applied.

By reducing the potential for scratches from something like blowing sand or small debris, the ceramic coating helps with the longevity of your automotive glass. It still won’t protect against something like a rock chip hitting your glass at high speeds, though.

Wrapping it Up

A professional nano-ceramic coating is only applied by a certified auto salon – in a controlled environment, and by expert detailers with years of experience. Plus, each package offered is backed by a warranty based on years of longevity.

If you’re serious about applying ceramic coating on glass and looking for optimal protection and results, click the button below to request a free estimate.

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