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Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside

In our latest Elite Dealer Spotlight, we turn our attention to Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside, a shining example of dedication and success within the automotive enhancement industry. Owner Alvaro Alva takes us through the start of his company and his journey to becoming an Elite Dealer. What started as a hunt for a solution became a full business transformation. Come along as we shine the spotlight on Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside.

The Journey from a Vinyl Wrap Shop to a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer

The journey of this elite dealer, under the ownership of Alvaro Alva, traces back to its roots as VAIA Design, a vinyl wrap shop in Southern California. The inception of their association with Ceramic Pro began when they were searching for a product to enhance the durability of their vinyl wraps amidst the challenging weather conditions of the region. The high temperatures and constant exposure to UV rays were affecting the longevity of their vinyl wrap installations. They found Ceramic Pro’s PPF & Vinyl Coating, started applying it to their vinyl wraps, and that was that.

As the demand for Ceramic Pro products grew, so did their commitment, leading to their status as Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside.

A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is basically the cream of the crop as far as Ceramic Pro Installers go. We are certified in every service and are able to offer the full suite of Ceramic Pro products from the Ultimate IR line, Ceramic Pro ION, to the Ultimate Armor Package. We are the Elite level of Ceramic Pro Installers.

Alvaro AlvaOwner of Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside

A Glimpse into Vaia Design

During our exclusive tour of the facility, Alvaro highlighted key features such as the Swisstrax flooring, showcasing not only a commitment to quality work but also to maintaining a visually appealing and efficient workspace.

The emphasis on environmental factors like lighting and temperature control demonstrated Alvaro’s commitment to providing clients with optimal installation outcomes. He underscored the importance of these elements in achieving the highest standards in their work. Alvaro’s hands-on approach and dedication to customer satisfaction were palpable during the tour, fostering a family-like atmosphere within the Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside.

Running a small business, Alvaro emphasized the significance of the intimate customer experience that clients can expect when entering Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside. They are a family-run business, and that is something they truly take pride in.

What Being an Elite Dealer Means to Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside

Furthermore, Alvaro praised the invaluable support received from Ceramic Pro corporate, citing the unwavering commitment to providing training and valuable advice on business practices. This support, according to Alvaro, has been a transformative force, propelling his business to new heights.

In essence, Ceramic Pro Elite Riverside stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication to excellence, and the importance of fostering a genuine connection with customers.

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Sam Azizian is the Director of Growth Marketing for the Elite Dealer Program at Ceramic Pro.

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