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Originally Published at – written by Christy Wagner

Equipped with hands-on training and continuous on-site and virtual education from Ceramic Pro — a California-based company with approximately 3,500 certified installers across North and South America, the owners of Extensive Detailing have brought more than just a mobile detailing service to the Lake of the Ozarks’ tri-county area.

When it comes to multi-layer exterior and interior cleaning and ceramic coating protection for your car, boat, aircraft, and/or home-based product, the professionals at Extensive Detailing have become your one-stop-shop mobile option.

“Extensive Detailing did a phenomenal job detailing my truck. I’m looking forward to getting the other vehicles done, as well. If you’re thinking about getting it done, just do it. Awesome job and very affordable!” — Devin L.

Similar to a military unit, i.e. detail, Josh and Shelby Lage’s small detachment as a husband-wife duo at Extensive Detailing began eleven short months ago. Amidst one of the most unpredictable years that we’ve collectively experienced at the Lake of the Ozarks and beyond, Josh and Shelby took a tremendous leap into the vast unknown. Josh, a current non-commissioned officer and former technician/mechanic with the Army National Guard, stepped back from his role as a full-time soldier in January to pursue something that few men and women venture to do: he started a business.

Josh saw a need at the Lake of the Ozarks for exterior and interior ceramic coatings for all surfaces, regardless of the material. He saw what mobile applications on all layers could do to help warranties and save folks time, energy, and money — whether it’s for a mom with two small kids and the endless stream of stains, like me, or for the average Joe who’d rather not increase his chances of paying his $500.00 comprehensive insurance deductible for rock chips and paint scratches.

“I am thoroughly impressed with the interior detail that my SUV received today! My vehicle was compromised to my young kids three years ago and it’s received little attention since. After Extensive Detailing was done, it looks and smells as good as it has since I brought it home. I can’t say thank you enough. Amazing job – you’ll be seeing it again, sooner rather than later.” — LeAnna B.

Between ultraviolet ray defense, self-cleaning properties, multiple surface protection, and enhanced gloss and shine, Extensive Detailing’s Ceramic Pro installation packages are tailored to fit all budgets and protection needs. You can choose a simple Sport package for great protection, suitable warranty, and low entry cost. For more protection, layering and extended warranty periods, choose their Silver, Silver Plus, or Gold packages.

As a certified installer for Ceramic Pro, Extensive Detailing is backed by a global leader in nanotechnology protective solutions. Their flagship Ceramic Pro 9H Nano Ceramic Coating is formulated for specific materials — including fiberglass, vinyl, textiles, leather, bare metal, and for unique industries — including automotive, industrial, marine, and even aviation.

“Practically anything and everything has a porous surface,” Josh explained. “There really aren’t many (if any) surfaces that do not have minute spaces or holes that aren’t permeable — unless you coat them.”

“Ceramic coating gives materials a level surface that doesn’t permit outside elements to readily cling onto it, as it otherwise would,” Josh continued. “The Ceramic Pro coating that Extensive Detailing offers is a ‘sacrificial layer’ on top of your vehicle, boat, or home-based product’s clear coating that was applied when it was originally manufactured. If minor imperfections were to occur, the additional layer helps to protect the original surface and it increases your likelihood of a lowered repair cost.”

So we’ve really highlighted on cars, but what can be said for protecting our boats?

Especially at the Lake of the Ozarks, harsh conditions of an underwater environment are a well-known problem to boat experts and enthusiasts alike. The ceramic coating offered by Extensive Detailing protects surfaces above and below water while shielding against the corrosion created by fresh and salt water, and the fouling on the hull caused by the accumulation of algae and/or shells. Detailing and ceramic coating your watercraft will not only help to keep your favorite lake toys looking fresh during peak boating season, but they also make the winterizing and de-winterizing process easier.

With self-cleaning properties and multi-surface protection, Extensive Detailing’s Ceramic Pro Marine’s protective layer reduces surface tension while shielding against things like bird droppings, fish blood, oil, and other grime. Their coating won’t crack or flake like acrylic sealants, which allows their products to be applied to upholstery and roll-up enclosures.


In addition to providing unparalleled customer service and standing behind their company’s core values, Extensive Detailing is community-oriented and believes in giving back to those who support them, too. The Lages have frequently donated to Lake Area charities and fundraisers, including events that raise funds for those suffering from life-threatening illnesses and for non-profit organizations which profoundly protect our children.

Shelby, whose help ranges from managing their online accounts, booking/scheduling, and even hands-on assistance with the detailing and ceramic coating process, had recently stepped back from her own career as a criminal analyst for the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

“Shelby is right there with me, doing it all and then some,” Josh laughed.

“At the end of the day, we know that we are strengthening our relationship and getting that much closer to reaching our goals while fueling our passion. For better or for worse,” Shelby laughed.

Extensive Detailing proudly serves Camdenton, Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Eldon, Versailles, California, Jefferson City, and all surrounding areas. Call or contact them online for a free quote and to schedule your service today.

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