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We Ceramic Coated only HALF of our Ford Mustang Ecoboost!

With our new ice cream wrap job from Vinyl Vixen and Wrapsesh AZ, it was finally time to put the Ceramic Pro wrap to the ultimate test. We have been talking about the idea of putting a ceramic coating on only half my car for over 6 months now and it’s almost crazy to think that all of this is really coming true for us here at Function Factory Performance!

Ceramic Pro Mustang

Hyer Quality Detail was tasked with the challenge of taping up our freshly washed Mustang right down the center. We decided that the driver side would be the coated side with the passenger side being left uncoated. Hyer used his trigonometry skills to expertly tape our Mustang down the center. From our front carbon lip, over the hood, yes the windshield, roof, down the rear glass, over our carbon truck and finally ending at our carbon rear diffuser.

Ceramic Coating Application

To keep half of our wrap protected, Ceramic Pro provided us with their PPF & Vinyl, Rain, and 9H coating. Owner of Hyer Quality Detail, Hyer personally applied the coatings. After the tape was centered, Hyer began coating our front bumper in Ceramic Pro’s PPF & Vinyl coating.

A little back story on this product, it won SEMA 2017’s best new product award. If you’re not familiar with SEMA, it’s the world’s largest automotive aftermarket showing. The PPF & Vinyl product is specially formulated to protect wraps from contamination, weathering, orange peel look, offer a higher gloss finish, UV resistance, and most importantly, give wraps a hydrophobic effect.

Hyer commented, “It’s been my dream to 50/50 coat a car that will be used specifically for racing and be exposed to harsh elements. Without a doubt, it will prove that this product can and will protect half of the coated side.”

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl

Immediately, Hyer was commenting that the carbon wrap was extremely thick and porous as thought to be. It was taking a much larger amount of Ceramic Pro than normal to coat this wrap but it was their idea to see how well it would protect this thicc boi. Within minutes of standing back, the carbon wrap was darker and glossier.

The difference was day and night with the Ceramic Pro half already looking like a show stopper.

Ceramic Pro Difference Carbon Fiber

The carbon wrap took up most of our time, but once finished, the difference was clear. Hyer saw it, I saw it, Derek saw it, and so did his employees. Next up was the hood, roof, door, and fenders. As Hyer laid down the Ceramic Pro on our GT350 carbon hood, you could immediately see the hood becoming more “luscious”.

The coating was clearly adding depth and more sparkle to the wrap. The most noticeable difference to the naked eye was the carbon Ceramic Pro and Ford logo on the hood. The coated side is clearly darker.

Ceramic Pro Ford

As Hyer continued to coat the driver’s side of our Mustang, the difference wasn’t even a question or myth, it was there in plain sight. Moving back to the front of the car, we busted out the Ceramic Pro 9H. This is their flagship coating and is a permanent application to painted or cleared coated surfaces.

Our Ford Mustang is equipped with an optional Anderson Composites GT350 carbon fiber lip, real carbon fiber fenders, Type AR carbon fiber side skirts, duckbill carbon fiber trunk, and a Type AR carbon fiber rear diffuser. My trunk has oxidized and is clearly in need of a some correcting or new clear coat.

By just applying one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H, the difference in the trunk speaks for itself.

Ceramic Pro Carbon Fiber
Ceramic Pro Difference 2

Now that the coating has been applied to only half of our driver’s side, we had to let it cure properly. Ceramic Pro instructed us to let the coating cure for exactly 10 days. That means hiding the car from the elements, no exposure to water or rain, no touching and especially no wiping.

Once the coating cures, we’ll be on our final process before we can shakedown our Mustang down. She’ll be receiving some much needed “track-ready” upgrades and a final tune on VP Racing MS109 Fuel. After that step is complete, we’ll be visiting 3 different race tracks in a 2-day time frame before our Auto Club Speedway showing!

Ford Perfomance Ceramic Coating

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