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San Diego, Calif. (November 2nd, 2020) – After a successful launch in 2019 and continued product development during 2020, Ceramic Pro Americas is aggressively expanding their KAVACA® Paint Protection Film solutions for 2021. The global leader in professional nano ceramic coatings will increase their KAVACA PPF solutions, launching customized films that permit the San Diego-based company to offer installers and their customers diverse aesthetic options while providing better value than competitors.

In 2020, Ceramic Pro offered their revolutionary KAVACA Instant Healing PPF to certified installers in North America. The Instant Healing PPF utilizes nanotechnology in the topcoat and adhesive, which permits the film to self-heal without the directly application of heat.

Advanced technology in the adhesive fill scratches and minor paint defects to restore a factory finish. It likewise produces twice the stretch and elasticity of major competitors and has a unique characteristic that allows for repeated lifting for easier installations on curved surfaces, without reduced adhesion.

An outline of different areas you can install Ceramic Pro's KAVACA paint protection film.

During the summer of 2020, Ceramic Pro also released KAVACA Matte – a translucent film that can transform any color into a matte finish.

“At Ceramic Pro, we always strive for continuous improvements and stay up to date with the latest technologies,” noted Brett Benito, the Vice President of Ceramic Pro Americas. “Once we launched KAVACA Instant Heal in North America, installers and consumers alike loved it for being the latest and greatest film on the market with a high gloss, no orange peel, and a more forgiving initial tack in the adhesive layer.”

Benito continued to state, “In talking to much of our Ceramic Pro Dealer Network, we have taken their feedback to heart, making minute adjustments to our KAVACA PPF to improve the installation experience without compromising the quality of the film. We’ve infused this same methodology with our new line-up of paint protection films for 2021. Each new product serves a specific consumer need or desire, with a price-point that offers superior value compared to other brands.”

As 2021 rolls out, Ceramic Pro intends on increasing the PPF line-up to include a Matte Black Finish, Carbon Fiber, and Black paint protection films. Additionally, a new Ceramic Coated self-healing paint protection film is scheduled to debut. This new protective film features improved water spot reduction, superior gloss, self-healing properties, top-notch stain resistance, and anti-yellowing properties.

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About Ceramic Pro Americas

Ceramic Pro Americas has revolutionized the automotive, marine, aeronautics and heavy machine industries through the most technologically advanced protective coating solutions available today. Headquartered in San Diego and launched in 2014, Ceramic Pro Americas has quickly grown to become the market leader in nano ceramic technology and boasts a quickly-expanding network of more than 3,500 professional and certified installers in North and South America.

Our Flagship Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coatings are custom formulated for specific substrates and engineered for induvial industries ranging from automotive to marine, aviation, industrial, motorsports, and commercial applications. Our KAVACA Films line includes the world’s first Instant Healing Paint Protection Film, and a new line of automotive window films. To learn more about Ceramic Pro – visit our website at

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