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The Ceramic Pro team was proud to be title sponsor of Episode #3 of Daniel Mac’s Legends Rally. The rally was from March 1-3, started in San Diego, and ended in Las Vegas, NV. Our goal throughout this rally was to put our paint protection products through the test – and there truly is no better way to do this than on a 1,000 mile journey through the desert. We had two cars on the rally: a Porsche Cayenne GTS and our test vehicle, a Chevy Suburban that was 50/50 protected with our PPF. 

Here’s our day-by-day recap of how it all went. 

Here’s our Legends Rally recap.

Day 1: Start Grid Presented by Ceramic Pro USA

The kickoff event started bright and early at 8:00AM at Coast Air Center in San Diego. All of the rally cars were parked in the airplane hangar next to incredible planes and we had a live DJ – we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this rally. We prepared the cars, got the rally stickers on, had a driver’s meeting, and then we were off. 

First stop: lunch. We made a pitstop at the In n Out in El Centro, CA. For locals, it was quite a shock to see all of these super cars pull in. This was the spot for our first PPF test! We got other people on the rally involved and had them through food and acidic drinks onto the hood of our Suburban to put our PPF to the test in a more… unconventional way. See the Instagram Reel here. 

Second Stop: Center of the World in Felicity, CA. Legends Rally filled the whole parking lot and we all got out to see the pyramid. You might have seen us trying to install PPF on the pyramid here. It was a great group activity, but we were all eager to get back on the road. 

Final Stop of Day One: Scottsdale, Arizona. This was our longest stretch of the day. We all checked into our rooms, had dinner together, and got prepared for the next step of our journey. Next morning we had a driver’s meeting and headed off to our next stop.

Day 2: On the Way to Vegas

First Stop: Creative Bespoke. After our driver’s meeting, we hit the road and made a stop at Creative Bespoke. This is an exotic car customization facility and this stop was open to the public. There were lots of locals there that we were able to talk to and we all took a tour of the facility to check out their cars. 

Scenic Stops: Along the way to Vegas we made a few scenic stops. Coconino National Forest Oak Creek was the first one on our way through Sedona. We stopped at a diner as a group and again, wowed a lot of the locals. Along the way, we made a stop in Seligman, AZ – one of the towns that inspired the movie Cars! 

Next Stop: Vegas. On the way there we hit a sandstorm. As the wind started to pick up, cars were being tossed around. Sand can be quite abrasive, so it was a great way to see the power of our PPF. After we arrived in Las Vegas, we had a police escort to our hotel. We completely took over the strip and it was quite the cinematic moment. 

Overall, the Legends Rally was a great trip that allowed us to meet a lot of great people and showcase the effectiveness of our products.


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