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Protecting your car’s paint is a priority for any automotive enthusiast. While any car coming out of the factory is finished off with a clear coat, this first layer of defense for your car’s finish isn’t enough to keep your car looking new. For years, we’ve all experienced the sight of faded, peeled, and oxidized clear coats that do nothing more than ruin the image of a car. With that in mind, many owners look towards a more comprehensive option when it comes to protecting their car’s paint.

Those doing even the most surface level of research will have come across Paint Protection Film (PPF). Known by many other names such as clear bra, clear mask, clear wrap, and so on, this has been an enticing option for many. But does paint protection film really work?

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Surprisingly, paint protection film has its origins in the US military. During the Vietnam War, military officials sought to minimize the damage to their helicopters from debris, particularly the rotors. Researchers at 3M eventually developed a polyurethane film that could conform easily to any shape and create a tight bond that could protect whatever was underneath from light debris.

Many decades later, these sheets would evolve to be more transparent as the original film was opaque (achieving optically clear tape wasn’t really a priority during wartime). In turn, the use of this film would change from stopping artillery shrapnel to stopping rocks on the road and protecting your car’s paint. Initially, only those with exotic cars took the plunge, but the benefits of PPF would quickly spread, and its use would increase.

The polyurethane film covers the car’s top coat, forming a tight bond that protects it from physical damage and harmful UV radiation, which could cause it to fade. A great benefit of this elastic polymer is its ability to “self-heal,” removing any minor scratches.

So Does Paint Protection Film Really Work?

Yes! Paint protection film is a wonderful addition to any car and comes with a whole host of benefits.

Enhances Your Finish

Some PPFs can boost your vehicle’s shine. Ceramic Pro offers its KAVACA in both gloss and matte finishes. Boost your shine with the gloss film, or try a stealthy look with the matte version. Both versions also use a robust and proprietary adhesive. Unlike some lower-quality PPFs, this avoids leaving glue marks or an orange peel effect after their installation.


It’s quite literally in the name. The film does a great job of protecting your paint. The KAVACA PPF uses four distinct layers that each work to prevent any debris or chemicals from reaching the surface of your paint. Even when damaged, the film is capable of self-healing any small scratches with just some applied heat.

Resists Damaging Rays

In addition to protecting from debris and contaminants, good PPF will protect against solar radiation. UV and IR radiation damage everything they touch, including your car’s paint. PPF works to protect your exterior from these oxidative processes. You can also choose to extend protection to your headlights, helping prevent them from yellowing.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your paint is protected can help take the sting out of any random rock hits you hear hitting your car as you drive. Additionally, keeping the body in great shape should lead to greater value whenever you decide to sell your car. At Ceramic Pro, with our network of over 200 Elite Dealers nationwide, we are committed to excellent customer service. This commitment is evidenced by our limited lifetime warranty on the KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF.

So, while PPF can provide a wide range of benefits, it’s important that you choose a protective film that is from a reputable manufacturer, as lower-quality films won’t be as effective and might cause damage to your paint if you ever decide to remove them.

Along with paint protection film, you can explore ceramic coatings as an alternative method of preserving your car’s paint. It’s worth consulting with one of our certified installers about the best option for you and your needs.

Find Your Local PPF Installer

PPF is a significant investment in protecting and preserving a car’s paint. It offers comprehensive benefits, including resistance to environmental damage, maintenance of the car’s aesthetic and resale value, and ease of cleaning. PPF can be an invaluable addition to any vehicle with proper selection and a professional installation.

If you’d like to further explore the offerings we have at Ceramic Pro, please don’t hesitate to explore our website or contact one of our Elite Dealers who can happily consult you about the best paint protection film for you.

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