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I think we can all agree that 2020 was a less-than-stellar year. While the world struggled – and continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, hope in the form of multiple vaccines and therapeutics is on the horizon. As we roll into 2021 and the “hope” of some sort or return to normality, many car owners are looking to improve their vehicle’s appearance by searching for professional ceramic coatings or the best paint protection film for 2021.

Whether you own a Tesla, BMW, Audi, or any other vehicle, a high-quality and long-lasting paint protection film can maintain the factory appearance of your vehicle for more than a decade. Add a professional grade nano ceramic coating on top of that PPF, and you’ll have the ultimate shield of protection over your specific vehicle surface.

If you’re looking for the best product to protect your new vehicle – this article will help you out. Let’s explore some of the facts about car clear paint protection film. We’ll explain how it works, how effective it can be, how it’s installed, and introduce what many professional detailers believe is the best PPF of 2021 – KAVACA Instant Healing PPF.

How Paint Protection Film Works

In case you need a crash course, paint protection film is a lightweight yet durable thermoplastic urethane. It’s typically transparent – but there are some PPF manufacturers who offer colored or a dyed film. There are also transparent films that produce a matte finish – which is a much more affordable way of transforming the appearance of your vehicle vs spending thousands changing your car’s paint or your clear coat.

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PPF is much stronger than vinyl – without requiring the additional weight or depth. It produces exceptional resistance against scratches, swirl marks, stone chips, bug splatters, bird droppings, and even light gravel or road debris strikes.

There are four independent layers that comprise modern automotive protective films including a polyester release liner, acrylic adhesive, a polyurethane layer, and finally a clearcoat on top of the film. Some of the best PPF’s utilize nanotechnology in the acrylic adhesive and polyurethane layer that can fill small surface scratches.

An outline of different areas you can install Ceramic Pro's KAVACA paint protection film.

What Does Paint Protection Film Protect Against?

There are several options for paint protection to consider. But if you’re thinking about buying the best solution that protects the vehicle surface from damage – PPF is your best option. Paint protection film bonds to the vehicle’s paint, factory paint, partial fenders, or substrate and provides a thin shield on top.

This video explains the multiple ways a high-quality protective paint film protects the applied painted surface and how it compares to a ceramic car coating.

How Does a Paint Protection Film Alter the Paint Surface?

To answer this question – let’s provide a real-world situation most of us have encountered. Let’s say for sake of argument that you’ve just cooked a perfect rib-eye steak, BBQ chicken or grilled veggies on the grill. You’re not quite ready to eat it, so how do you protect it from exposure to bacteria, those annoying flies outside, or blowing dirt and dust?

You could put it on a plate and cover it with a paper towel – but that would likely leave some residue tissue on the freshly cooked product. You could wrap it in tin foil – but depending on what you cooked, it’s possible that it’ll stick to the food.

Car owners face similar struggles – mainly when it comes to ensuring the way any protective product impacts the factory paint job. While a natural carnauba car wax, paint sealant, and ceramic coatings are infused and become one with the clear coating on paint and will progressively wear out, PPF is bonded on top of the surface.

This means, you can remove the PPF at your leisure without damaging the factory paintjob – or possibly removing clear coats due to using aggressive chemical agents or polishing. So – if you’re looking for a paint protective solution that won’t damage or impact the factory finish – paint protection film is your best alternative.

Why is it Recommended to Apply Paint Protection Film?

Vehicle owners who are looking to maintain their vehicle’s resale value consider applying paint protection film to be an investment. And they’d be right. PPF is recommended for car, truck, SUV, and motorsports vehicle owners who are seeking the optimal resistance to scratching, paint oxidation, and clear coat damage.

If you were to compare the cost of installing paint protection film vs a ceramic coating, PPF over the entire vehicle would generally be more expensive. However, most professional detailers recommend a clear bra or full front PPF with ceramic coating on other vehicle surfaces.

The concept here is to protect high-strike or exposed areas, that are prone to being hit by road debris. Sections like the front grille, bumper, hood, and side-view mirrors are usually the first to be installed. Other areas of the vehicle such as the windows, roof, sides, the rear, and wheels can be ceramic coated.

A few situations where PPF installation is recommended would include:

  • Purchasing a lease vehicle. If you have a luxury vehicle that has been leased, and want to reduce expensive paint repairs, a PPF installation is a good idea.
  • Protecting soft paint. There are many modern cars that have extremely soft clear coats that are more prone to damage than others. Tesla’s fit into this category.
  • Those living in areas with lots of road debris. For those who live in outlining regions where there is a lot of road debris, gravel roads, construction, or tree branches – paint protection film is a great solution.

The Effectiveness of Paint Protection Film

Due to the film’s construction, PPF is exceptionally durable and effective at protecting surfaces where it’s bonded and installed. In years past, there were concerns about yellowing or premature aging. This damage is caused by UV rays, chemical exposure, animal debris, and more. As technology has improved, many of these faults with PPF have been squashed.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Let’s be clear – KAVACA, 3M, and Xpel paint protection film are top-shelf aftermarket solutions. It’s not intended to repair damage to the car’s paintjob – but there are some superior products that are infused with nanotechnology and capable of this attribute.

Most PPF brands and specific product lines offer warranties that range from 5 to 10+ years. The best paint protection film installations are documented on the CARFAX® Vehicle Service History Report. This can be a significant benefit for improving the vehicle’s resale value – especially when selling the car, truck, or SUV to a private owner.

What is the Top Brand of Paint Protection Film for 2021?

As we mentioned above, technology has improved the longevity and effectiveness of protective paint films for cars. Most of the top-selling car paint protection films are known for their self-healing attributes.

This means, if the top layer of the film on the car’s exterior is scratched, an installer or detailer can apply some hot air or warm water to fix the film. However, as of January 2021, there is only ONE product that instantly heals – without having to take it to a detailer who installed the film.

KAVACA® Instant Healing Paint Protection Film is the latest evolution of our dedication to forward thinking. KAVACA Instant Healing PPF if the world’s FIRST protective film that is infused with proprietary nanotechnology – permitting the top layer to heal minor scratches, without the introduction of heat or friction.

Our flagship paint protection film debuted at the SEMA show in 2019 – and has found a home at thousands of professional auto spas and salons across North America. The PPF is infused with a proprietary nanoceramic top coat – that offers exceptional hydrophobic, anti-graffiti, and non-yellowing properties. The specially-formulated adhesive likewise utilizes nanotechnology to fill minor imperfections and light scratches on the surface.

Ceramic Pro’s paint protection film is also available in a matte finish – which gives car lovers an affordable way to change the appearance of their vehicle without having to repaint. While it was initially developed for automotive applications, the superior quality, and elasticity expands product use for industrial, marine, aviation, and high-performance motorsports applications.

Further, each KAVACA Paint Protection Film installation at certified Ceramic Pro installation centers is documented on the vehicles service history report through CarFax.

If your vehicle’s protection is your top priority, KAVACA paint protection film is an exceptional solution. It’s also much more affordable than you’d think. To request a free estimate, click the button below.

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